My take on P90X

Posted: February 1, 2010 by mrsghp in Uncategorized
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About 2 years ago before we discovered kettlebells and the RKC System we watched an infommercial on P90X. We thought that the system looked like a good idea and made the $300 investment.

I admit that the workouts are challenging and they do a good job of stating that you should be able to pass some physical requirements (pull ups, push ups and such) that they say you should be able to perform before starting the program.

Other benefit was that we were burning some serious calories during the workouts, some times my heartrate monitor got up to 800 after the 60 minute workouts.

But there were some problems with P90X that I would like to bring to your attention.

– it is hard to stick to the program
Starting the first week the workouts were challenging, 2nd week was ok, by the third week I was downright bored with the same workouts and same crappy comments by ol Tony Horton. There is some variety but after a while we just got flat out bored with our workouts.

– we did not get the results we wanted
We did the program for almost 12 weeks and really did not see the changes that we wanted.

– lots of equipment needed and cost
Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that they have you use bands, pull up bars, dumbbells, & body weight exercises. This is way better than going to a gym and sitting at one of those machines. But, you end up buying bands, dumbbells (2 sets) and a pull up bar. That brought up the price alot as well from $300 to now close of a total of $700-800!

– Exercises
The problem here is that with challenging exercises, technique can be an issue. A video is not going to tell you when you are doing pullups or square wrong, but your body will let you know after workouts when your shoulder or knee joint is screaming at you. Some of the exercises are still single joint and not very functional.

-huge time commitment
All workouts were at least 60 minutes with the yoga potion being 90 minutes! Some of us just don’t have that kind of time.

Now here are a few things you can get from Kettlebell training under the RKC system and Nebraska Kettlebell.

  • You will make a commitment you can stick to
  • Here at Nebraska Kettlebell we provide variety that keeps you into the workout
  • Our workouts are for everyone! You should not have to get in shape before starting a fitness program! Our program is for any fitness level and we ask that you come to bootcamp and encourage others and compete with yourself. very motivating!
  • The money we used on P90X would have paid for 3 months each of our bootcamp. That is 12 weeks of workouts
  • Get better results you want from Nebraska Kettlebell in half the time!
  • Learn the RKC System from certified instructors. This means you will be watched to make sure you will are performing with the correct movement patterns, this means proper coordination of muscles when performing our exercises, which means a better workout, and less chance for injury.
  • So if you are doing P90X and are enjoying it and getting the results you want then terrific! All I am saying is that we tried it and it wasn’t the best thing for us. It wasn’t until we joined a Kettlebell bootcamp that we found a system that we enjoyed and that got us to be workout rockstars. I am so thankful for finding Dave Whitley and the RKC system.

    We are performing Kettlebell orientations 2 weeks per month, this includes a functional movement screen and 2 weeks of bootcamp. And the best thing is all of this is free. This allows you to try it out and see if you think that it is the best workout ever.

    This is my challenge to you p90x’ers out there. Try the orientation and bootcamp for two weeks. if you feel p90 is better then you are not out any money plus you go home with a fms score and a good understanding of the RKC system.

    1. Mark Klanac says:

      I appreciate your review of P90X but have to say that I disagree with just about everything you said about it.

      First, P90X is the only program that I have ever stuck with for more than a few months BECAUSE of the variety. Changing exercises every 3 weeks is the best part of it. I never get bored and, more importantly, my muscles never get bored. I’ve been doing it for 6 months and I STILL get sore after the workouts.

      Second, regarding results, in my first 90 days I gained 15 lbs of muscle. If you don’t see results in your first 90 days you are not “Bringing It”. You have to bring maximum intensity every day. If you’re “dogging it” you won’t see the results you want.

      Lastly, the cost if P90X is the MOST appealing aspect of it. For under $200 I was able to get the complete P90X system ($120), pull-up bar ($30) and resistance bands ($40). No gym membership needed.

      I’m not saying that P90X is better than RKB training (I’ve done RKB to mix it up every once in a while) but I wanted to set the record straight on a few points that you made.

      • mrsghp says:

        I appreciate the reply and honor your disagreement. I am saying that it did not work for us. Like I put in the post, if p90 gets you the results you want then terrific. I prefer the RKC system and the type of carry over it has into the real world. Thanks for the reply. No setting the record straight is needed, everyone is allowed their own opinion wouldn’t you agree?

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