Workout of the Day 2-24-2010

Posted: February 25, 2010 by mrsghp in Gymboss, kettlebell bootcamp, nebraska kettlebell, russian kettlebell challenge, sg human performance, TRX Training

Here is a workout for you Hardstyle enthusiasts out there to give a try.

Set your GYMBOSS Interval Timer to 40 seconds work/2o seconds rest.  2 Heavy Kettlebells (same or like size), TRX in single handle mode, and a monster band.

4 stations with 2 exercises per station.  1-3 rounds total (8-24 minutes in length)

Station 1

  • Monster Band Walks- alternating between 3 steps to the R, then 3 steps to the L
  • Mountain Climbers – as fast as you can with impeccable form (maintain neutral spine)

Station 2

  • Double Kettlebell Deadlift for reps
  • Farmers Walks

Station 3

Station 4

  • Seated KB Rotation (go slow & straight spine!)
  • Plank

Next part of the workout is Turkish Get Ups (full or half, alternating sides, medium to no weight) Set GYMBOSS to 10 minutes.

Last part of workout is Swing Ladder.  Set gym boss to 10-15 minutes depending on your ability to kettlebell swing correctly.  This ladder is best to be performed with a partner or if you are on your own just count in between sets.  5 swings, then 6, all the way to 10 then start over at 5 swings and go again until the timer is done.  If your form begins to feel sluggish, then stop and rest longer.

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