FMS Fat Loss Study Week 4 – My Thoughts

Posted: February 1, 2011 by mrsghp in Uncategorized
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Hello everyone. Hope ALL of you out there are training well and training smart. Wanted to make myself accountable for my actions so I am posting again my progress and goals from week 4 of our Fat Loss Pilot Study.

So Far NONE of our clients have decided to comment on these blog posts and speak as well about what they have done well and what they need to work on during this study. I REALLY HOPE that our members decide this week to comment back for everyone to see and learn from.

So far last week I was 85% compliant on my nutrition goals but was 6 for 7 on days of doing my corrective exercises. Really starting to FEEL a difference in how I move. Squats, Turkish Get Ups and Swings feel more crisp and fluid. Paying close attention to my body and how I feel the following day after a workout. Pleased with how my body is progressing in the program. Really looking forward to seeing what my measurements say this week when i get them done.

Items to improve on:

  • Still striving for that 90% compliancy rating!  So close!
    • Going to plan ahead my cheat meals based on our schedule,  Gotta remember super bowl Sunday!
    • Pre plan meals in containers the evening before or days ahead of time by pre-packaging them
    • Vanilla shake mix with greens+ is a life saver
  • Have stopped consuming sodas during the day.  Gonna keep with that goal
  • Keep pushing myself in the workouts.

SGHP members or anyone out there that wants to be held accountable for their actions, please comment on this post with what you are doing well, what you need to improve on and how you plan to accomplish it.


  1. Camille says:

    I was doing fine until I went out of town last week, prior to that I have been pretty compliant, my biggest problem is not eating the wrong foods but eating enough food. It is hard for me to get all the meals in. I am frequently running around with appts. and meetings or sitting at the hospital with my niece and my meal might be a sugar free skinny caramel latte…that isn’t exactly nutritious. I slacked off my workout while out of town too although I did work out. I did do my corrective exercises. I am hoping to get back on track with the workouts this week, I hurt my back so I haven’t done anything this week yet. My big concern is my upcoming schedule and workouts , this could be a problem for a few weeks…at least regarding kettelbell classes. I may have to improvise with kettlebell at home and more treadmill. Foodwise I think I am being more compliant this week, last week I even had some fettucine….ahh!

    • mrsghp says:

      So what can you do to help provide you with the tools to be compliant? Purchasing a shaker bottle and some protein and greens + has worked for me. Anyone else have any ideas?

      LOVE that you are doing your correctives! Again that will help to take the brakes off and allow you to move better throughout the day. Just make sure with your back that your correctives are pain free.

      Who’s NEXT?

  2. Jessie says:

    I also do really well during the week, but weekends are a little harder. I also had a really hard time when I was out of town, similar to Camille. I wouldn’t say I “binged” on terrible foods, but none of the meals I had were compliant 😦 The eating every 3 hours doesn’t tend to be a problem for me, so that is good. I need to get better at doing my correctives on days I don’t have kettlebell class. I did them after my run yesterday, so go me!

    Now that I’ve started training for my half marathon, getting in enough workouts during the week won’t be a problem. I just need to be better on the weekends and make sure I continue to do my correctives.

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