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Posted: December 6, 2011 by mrsghp in FMS
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Hello everyone.  Wanted to see if I could get the word out to everyone who is interested in learning more about how we use the Functional Movement Screen to enhance our programming and clients success in the group setting.

As many of you may know, we specialize in group kettlebell classes but also include bodyweight exercises, TRX Training, battling ropes and other drills (ALOT of self limiting exercises).

Basically our Foundation here at SG Human Performance (its even in our mission statement) is using the Functional Movement Screen.

FMS provides us the following:

  • Establishes rapport with new and existing clients
  • Determines programming success
  • Boosts Metabolism (YES, hard to believe I know, but its so true)
  • Improves exercise technique
  • Assesses client progress

So I am opening up my blog for ANYONE to ask their questions about how to use the FMS to enhance themselves as a fitness professional and also to enhance their rehabilitation or fitness business.  Please post a comment to this blog with your question and I will do my best to answer it.

If you don’t believe me (or want more information) check into Alwyn Cosgroves “Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss Programming” and how he uses the FMS in his Fat Loss Programming in both Semi Private and Group Training.

  1. Linda says:

    Mark, I still feel so confused on what FMS drill is appropriate when…..I feel like I am missing something along the way…

    • mrsghp says:

      Hey Linda! The appropriate drill is the one that changes the score. Take the Active Straight Leg Raise for example, you perform the drill or correction (may be soft tissue work or stretching) then you work an exercise to help to enforce the new range of motion you just achieved (example: deadlift). The more you work with it the better you get at it, JUST AS LONG as you recheck the score right after the particular drill. When people see that you made an immediate change in how they move you will have a client that trusts you!

  2. Tom Shaver says:

    Hi Mark,
    I have acouple of questions about 1)becoming FMS certified and 2)how do you incorporate that into your rates for clients…I have a BS in Exercise Physiology and work in a corporate fitness center in Scranton, PA. It’s not cutting it financially and I would love to branch out into personal training-especially with kettlebells, though I’ve got limited access to them. I think being able to offer a FMS to clients would set me apart in the local market, and I would like to know what kind of prerequisite knowledge do you need for the FMS cert. And, assuming I can become certified, do you have any suggestions for fees for them, or do you offer them as part of your services as a trainer/coach?

    Thank you in advance for any insight you are willing to share.

    Tom Shaver

    • mrsghp says:

      Hello Tom,

      FMS will definitely set you apart from other personal trainers in your area. Clients will appreciate that you take the time ON THE FRONT END to assess their movement profile before even taking them through a workout. We do not charge for the FMS due to the fact that it is so important to our programming but some FMS professionals do. The FMS is a great thing to add to your free workout for a prospective client for example.

      For specials and other things we state that the coupon includes a functional movement screen, we have clients buy this alone just because we stated we perform an FMS.

      As for certification, you background is very good but I suggest you purchase the book “Movement” by Gray Cook as it has a ton of valuable information on the FMS and the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). You can attend a course or take the online training course for certification in the FMS. Go to for more details.

  3. Doug Descant says:

    Hey Mark,

    Nikki’s and your presentation on this subject matter at the CKFMS was outstanding and completely necessary if you want to be a successful RKC/CKFMS.

    My current “brick wall” is screening new clients while keeping the class flowing. i’m the sole instructor at my place so it’s impossible for me to be 2 places at one time. my classes run 3 days/week in accordance to my shift work as a fire fighter. when i’m not at either location, im at home taking care of the kiddos. in other words any screening needs to take place during class times. any advice on this issue? i was thinking i could have a group run through a 10-15min low tech movement prep while i’m screening a student. 100% of my attention needs to be on the screen; however, i would hate for something to happen while my attention was elsewhere.

    • mrsghp says:

      Hey Doug!,

      Your time is definitely very limited. You have a couple ways you can tackle this. Depending on how many you have in your class, you can do a group movement screen just like you would do on a sports team or say your firefighters. See if you can get someone to come help you score some of the tests like shoulder mobility and clearance tests. Then set up stations where you clients come through, you explain the particular test, then have them all go through it at one time and score accordingly.

      IF you are limited on time and have a lot of clients (or both) you can cover Shoulder mobility and ASLR one day, TSPU and RS the next day, and then cover the big 3 on another day or days. The bottom 4 is where you will begin to design correctives on 90% of your clients.

      • Doug Descant says:

        brilliant! one of my biggest dysfunctions is my inability to see the obvious. is there a corrective for that?

        congratulations! your site has graduated from my favorites drop-down to my bookmarks bar in chrome.

        thanks a million

      • mrsghp says:

        Glad to help Doug! I am afraid my wife has been looking for that correction for me for quite some time now:)

        Would love to hear what you find when you decide to screen your firefighters. There are some fantastic data and studies on FMS and lost time and money saved with firefighters.

  4. Laurel says:

    I think we are going to set times on Saturdays when we can screen for those who want a screen. We are already established, so trying to do screens on that many people seems next to impossible. Any advice on that?


    • mrsghp says:

      I think the Saturday appts are a great idea. Established or not with the big group of clients you have, if you can begin doing FMS and bit by bit get some data on your success of your program it’s only going to enhance your business. Plus with the ability of the online FMS training you can easily train your staff and get them certified. This is our next step at our facility.

    • Doug Descant says:

      Great idea Laurel. I’m running into the same issue. I may borrow that one from you.

  5. We implemented FMS screening back in December. I’m curious how you incorporate the corrective work in the individual’s workout program. We are in the process of putting together a report we can give to both the client and trainer that will show what to focus on for the next 6 weeks. I’m the the only one FMS certified, and I obviously can’t work with every person I screen on an individual basis. So 1) What approach do you take with your trainers (who may not be FMS certified) and incorporating the results and action plan for each of those you screen, 2) How often do you re-test, 3) What part of your client’s program is “workout” vs. “FMS corrective work.” Most, if not all, of those who go through the screen see the value in what we offer but don’t want to put “working out” on the back burner to do corrective work…so I’m curious how you find the balance. Hope all that made sense 🙂

  6. I am a physical therapist and recently certified as a cscs. I am also a long distance triathlete and have been working with endurance athletes for injury prevention. I have been using the fms with multiple different athletes. What I would like to do is bring this to the local university and high school athletic departments. I am not sure how to offer the fms in a group setting to be efficient and cost effective. Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

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