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Hello everyone.  I hope that you and those you care about are doing well.  I wanted to write about kettlebell instructor certifications.  I am only going to speak about the benefits of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge & Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge (Dragon Door) programs because that is what I am certified in.  Since, I have no idea how and what the other certifications entail I am not going to bash or speak of any other kettlebell certification program.  Just not how I like to do things anymore.  I will let you read this post and then make the decision for yourself.

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Level I Certification

Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist












It will make you a better fitness professional

-Many of you are (or should be) constantly striving to become better, to take yourself as a profesisonal and your business to a higher level.  The RKC system is what you need.  Nowadays people are sick and tired of the gym approach to machine based training, they are tired of not getting the results that they so badly want.  They are looking for something new, exciting, and that EMPOWERS them to be a stronger, healthier person (body, mind, and soul).  This is what the RKC provides.  Many top instructors say, “It is not the kettlebell that delivers what you and your clients need, its the RKC SYSTEM”.  This system provides you the tools necessary to get the most out of your clients.  To get them moving BETTER, with more EFFICIENCY, which corresponds to moving MORE, which means better results.

-The HKC/RKC SYSTEM provides you with the proper tools to develop a solid strength foundation with your clients, understand imbalances and asymmetries and how to correct them with foundational kettlebell drills, and take them metabolically to the next level.  This is why the HKC is a full day of training and you learn the 3 foundational exercises.  That is why the RKC is a full 3 days of drilling, learning, and teaching the exercises that have been shown to produce fantastic results.

-Lets face it, would you take yoga lessons from me if all my “training” included watching a video or DVD?  Would you let me show you how to use a pilates reformer if I have not had extensive training in how to properly use, progress and challenge clients in a safe way?  HECK NO!  Then why would you ever train or want to be trained by someone who is not certified?

-In a world where liability and negligence is on the rise, why would you risk training someone in which you are not certified in?  Some day SOON, there will be a case where a fitness professional gets sued and loses due to not having a kettlebell certification.

-The kettlebell certifications provided by dragon door give you all the tools you need to move you another tier in the levels of fitness professional.  The RKC allows you to get 100% out of every client that comes through your door.  The studies show that the kettlebell swing alone (not including all the other fantastic benefits from the other foundational exercises) takes individuals metabolism to off the charts IF TAUGHT CORRECTLY.  Plus you have to EARN it!  In whatever you have done in your life, you cherish the things that you had to work for.  The HKC/RKC will make you EARN your certification so there will be no doubt in your mind that you are qualified.  Plus, you are allowed to progress within the community from HKC, RKC Level I, CK-FMS and RKC Level II.

-IF you don’t want to take my word for it, look at how many Top Level Fitness Professionals in the world today who have become a part of the RKC and they all came from different aspects/specialities.

The list goes on and on!  Why did all these top notch health & fitness professionals become part of the RKC?  Because they saw and experienced the HUGE benefit that it provided them and their clients.  What more could you ask for?  Here is the HUGE bonus that no one who is not a part of the HKC/RKC community knows about.  The HKC/RKC brother/sisterhood.  I have never been a part of a society that is so SPECIAL as the RKC.  That is why you will see RKC’s get teared up at Dragon Door events when Masters and Senior Level RKCs speak to everyone about what it means to be an RKC.  I look forward to every workshop not only for what I will learn and how it will effect me as a professional but also for the people who mean so much to me that they will help at any and all hours of the day and night to see you succeed.  I truly consider every HKC/RKC I have the pleasure of knowing my family.

Hello everyone!  Hope you are training smart.  Just wanted to let everyone know of our upcoming events coming here in the late winter/early spring.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Workshop

Sunday, March 20th.  12pm-3pm

This is a 3 hour workshop designed to introduce or sharpen your kettlebell skills.  We will be teaching and practicing the 6 foundational kettlebell exercises.  Here are the foundational exercises:

  • Kettlebell Swing (and variations)
  • Kettlebell Clean
  • Squat variations
  • Kettlebell Press
  • Kettlebell Snatch
  • Turkish Get Up

Cost is only $89 and you can sign up by CLICKING HERE.  Again this workshop is ideal for those individuals who want to learn how to PROPERLY perform the kettlebell exercises/workouts in the RKC/Dragon Door community.  It is also a fantastic prep workshop for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification and the Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

Workshop is eligible for CEU’s (ACE, NASM, NSCA, NATA).  For NASM and ACE you will have to petition and pay a separate petition fee.

Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor Certification Workshop

Omaha, NE

Saturday, April 30th: 8am-5pm

For more information and to sign up CLICK HERE

Workshop is eligible for CEU’s (ACE, NASM, NSCA, NATA).  For NASM and ACE you will have to petition and pay a separate petition fee.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Re-Certification Workshop

Omaha, NE

Sunday, May 1st: 8am-5pm

For more information and to sign up CLICK HERE.

Workshop is eligible for CEU’s (ACE, NASM, NSCA, NATA).  For NASM and ACE you will have to petition and pay a separate petition fee.

Hello everyone!  Hope all is well with you and your families.

Was speaking to a client (and close friend) and we spoke about kettlebell training.  She commented on how good our technique was on the kettlebell swing.  I told her that it wasn’t always this way and that I am still always “tweaking” and practicing for the perfect rep.  She found that very hard to believe until I pulled out my iphone and showed her this video.  She was shocked.

All of you SGHP members out there enjoy this video and feel free to make fun of us as much as you would like. Take a look at the backwards hat, crappy swing (which made my back very sore) and are those running shoes?

This was our second week in David Whitley’s Kettlebell Class.  I was very naive and felt I had the kettlebell swing SO DOWN PAT that I took a video of it.  Boy was I wrong (and boy was I naive, sorry Dave!).

The point of the video is to show people that practice will help improve your technique (barring any imbalances or asymmetries that may exist, you should take care of those first).  As for myself, I struggled with figuring out the kettlebell swing.  Like with every dynamic movement, (example: dribbling a soccer ball, swinging a golf club, throwing a ball) it takes practice to get the desired result.  I hope this encourages all of you to see that with time, practice and patience you too can be where Nikki and I are at today.  (Notice Nikki was swinging a 12kg-orange and now she usually prefers to swing a 24kg-red or 28kg -orange/purple).  The same could be said for our squats and turkish get ups.  We spent a lot of time working on those drills, corrective exercises and practicing to get where we are now.  And we will still continually try to improve on technique.

The benefit that we had (and that our members have) is our kettlebell instructor was well trained with understanding the nuances of the kettlebell exercises and how to best teach us to improve on the swing.  You may get that from a DVD (preferably anything from Dragon but more than likely you will not.  I thought I had everything down from the 15lb kettlebell and DVD I bought at a local store, but I was sorely mistaken.  I needed a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor to show me the correct way and how to get the most out of my kettlebell workouts.  I haven’t found anything close (other than the TRX) that provides so much bang for your buck.

The problem is that most trainers (including fitness celebrities) feel that they have the kettlebell swing down (and can teach it to anyone) because they have never been shown the absolute correct way to perform the swing.  If those trainers would do like we did and meet with an RKC professional then they would FEEL the difference between good technique versus poor technique.  They would feel how it works the backside (proper technique) instead of the frontside (incorrect technique).  They would understand the difference between proper load and not enough load.  These concepts I had no grasp of until I met with David and continued onto my progression (physically and mentally) to become RKC certified.

What is the big deal with technique you ask?  Here are some things to think about:

  • The RKC method teaches a step by step approach to kettlebell training.  This is the way we are suppossed to learn.  Most trainers will just start and end with the swing.  Is that how we learned to play a sport?  Is that how we learned to walk as toddlers?  No we learned step by step.
  • As Americans, we are too frontside loaded.  This leads us to imbalances, poor movement, injuries and poor health.  The RKC swing is training the backside.  The part of the body we tend to neglect and do not train nearly enough.
  • The RKC has way more bang for the buck.  More load.  Safer (MUCH SAFER). Better Workout.  Can prevent injury and pain (EVEN BACK PAIN, by getting you to fire your muscles the way you were made to)

Here is a nice little comparison video of my swing (just like the one up top) and then my swing after 12 weeks in kettlebell class with expert instruction.

So I hope that my words and the video has inspired you that you are on the right track towards your goals.  The true goal should be that you make small steps every day (this can be with your nutrition, training, movement, soul, etc) to be better than you were weeks and months before.

I am very excited to announce that the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification is coming to our homestate! Please see below for some of the details.

Dr. Mark Cheng is wicked smart! I consider him to be one of my mentors, please sign up! You will so thank me for it!

Attend the HKC and leave with these major advantages:

Taken from

  • A deep understanding of the true benefits of kettlebell training—for both yourself and your clients
  • A solid knowledge of vital kettlebell training safety procedures
  • A workmanlike grasp of the fundamentals of biomechanics—to ensure your clients move with perfect form and avoid injury
  • A grasp of the key HardStyle skills and principles of strength
  • The ability to competently perform the three foundational kettlebell exercises (the Swing, the Get-Up, and the Goblet Squat)
  • The confidence you can now correctly teach the three essential kettlebell exercises—and troubleshoot common technique problems
  • The unique HKC template for designing an unlimited number of effective kettlebell workouts.

And discover all this and more in the course of your HKC training:

  • Understand why mastery of the kettlebell swing is fundamental to high-level HardStyle practice
  • How to develop power through compensatory acceleration and overspeed eccentrics
  • How to train hip extension for back and knee health and athletic performance
  • How to employ bracing and neutral spine—for injury prevention, enhanced performance and optimal transmission of force
  • How to recruit the lat as a “core muscle” to improve the spine safety and glute strength
  • How to increase power with the biomechanical breathing match
  • A safe, effective modality for developing different types of endurance
  • Explosive training techniques for more effective fat-loss
  • The deadlift: the most “functional” exercise of all
  • The two-arm swing and corrective exercises
  • The concept of rooting and two key drills for developing it
  • The one-arm swing
  • The hand-to-hand swing
  • Russian relaxation exercises to enhance the acquisition of skilful movement, increase power and endurance
  • The two hundred year history of the get-up
  • The get-up as an assessment tool
  • The strength and health benefits of the get-up
  • How to correctly perform the get-up and teach corrective drills
  • How to move from mobility to stability, then from stability to strength—and why this progression is crucial for truly effective kettlebell work
  • The get-up, shoulder mobility and stability exercises. The role of the lat in shoulder stability and strength—and advanced lat facilitation techniques
  • How to employ and teach steering strength
  • The concepts of leakage and linkage—and their importance for effective kettlebell lifting
  • How to perform the goblet squat and corrective drills
  • “Strength stretching” for the hips
  • How to overcome gluteal amnesia
  • How to most effectively stretch the hip flexors to dramatically improve athletic performance, back health, and posture
  • How to modify the squat stance for a client with back problems
  • An alternative squat exercise for overweight clients
  • Why “sport specific training” is inappropriate for 99% of the coaches and athletes—and a powerful alternative

Take home an information packed HKC instructor manual:

  • What makes kettlebell training unique?
  • What Russian research says about the benefits of kettlebell training?
  • What is “Hardstyle”?
  • Kettlebell safety 101: ten key items
  • The Swing: its benefits, technique, teaching progression, and remedial drills
  • The Get-Up: its benefits, technique, teaching progression, and remedial drills
  • The Goblet Squat: its benefits, technique, teaching progression, and remedial drills
  • HKC program design
  • The three key principles of effective training identified by Russian sports scientists: continuity of the training process, waving the loads, and specialized variety,
  • Ten program design tools for an unlimited variety of effective kettlebell workouts:
    • Rep Ladders
    • Weight Ladders
    • Time Ladders
    • Breathing Ladders
    • Reverse Ladders
    • Drop Sets
    • Super Sets
    • Timed Sets
    • Series
    • Active Recovery Exercises

As with the RKC, the HKC will be earned through diligent testing of each candidate. Besides having to pass the requisite pullup/flexed-arm hang test at the outset of the workshop, each HKC candidate will be evaluated for technical proficiency and teaching skills at the end of the workshop and will then be granted either a pass or fail.