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So you have passed the Level I Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Workshop. You put in all the hard work to prepare for this moment with months of training under your belt. Then you get to the moment where you pass the snatch test, get your technique fine tuned by the numerous high level RKC’s there to help you, and finally finish by nailing the testing portion, teaching aspect and surviving the graduation workout.

Nikki and I with Pavel in 2009

First of all, Congratulations! I have seen it time and time again. The look on someone’s face after they have returned successfully from getting RKC certified is inspiring. I get goose bumps just thinking about everything that went into getting to that moment and the feeling I had after. You will never be the same again, and more important you are part of a COMMUNITY of high level fitness professionals that will be at your side at a drop of the hat.

The Iron Tamer Clan! Friends and Comrades for LIFE!

So what do you do now? I would like to offer some advice if I may on the training side of things as well as on the business side of things.


Continue to work yourself through some type of program. This will help to keep those skills that you just sharpened from getting dull. I suggest the following in my opinion.

  • Perform the ETK Rite Of Passage 1-2 times per year.
    • Again this keeps your skills sharp and will help you to maintain your level of strength as you progress through the RKC. Plus it will keep you sharp once you need to re-certify.
  • Perform a snatch test AT LEAST one time per month if not more
    • One of the biggest mistakes I made once I was certified is not paying attention to the snatch test. I took 2 months off and then when I decided to do it again I could only muster 74 reps in 5 minutes.
    • It is far better to maintain than to try and train it all back again in my opinion.
  • Be on a program
    • There is nothing wrong with just working through workouts and playing around now and then, but I believe NOW that you need to have a goal in mind to reach for and a program that will take you there.
    • If you are training for Level II. Then prepare for it but do not forget to reassess your Level I skills as well.
    • If you want to maintain your skills but want to get off of the program of ROP for a bit. I suggest Kettlebell Burn or Kettlebell Muscle by Geoff Neupert. Great programs by the Master RKC himself of programming. Plus both carry over nicely to Level I and II training in my mind.
    • There are numerous programs out there for you to go by. It just depends on what you want your GOAL to be. (Return of the Kettlebell is Fantastic Material also).


  • Become a Dragon Door AFFILIATE
    • For any of you who would like to make more supplemental income, we highly suggest you become a Dragon Door Affiliate. There is no cost to you and it can be a great way to make extra income on the side promoting the products and equipment that you already believe in, use and endorse.
  • Sign on with a business group
    • This really has paid off for us. IF you have a fitness business or are planning on opening up one in the future. It is CRUCIAL that you learn all aspects of your business including marketing, time management and selling. I had little to no experience in this and wish I would have done it sooner.
    • We use the Evolution Accelerator Program through Net Profit Explosion. They were referred to us directly from Dragon Door. We cannot say enough about them! They have taught us everything from proper marketing, to the sales process, to hiring employees, and time management!
    • Another great idea would be to attend Dragon Door’s Marketing Mastermind Intensive with John DuCane.


    • If the RKC is continually evolving to make itself better. Then so should you.
    • This is extremely important. I saw it in myself and in others when they came back for an RKC event and had a lot of work to do technique wise.
    • If you do not have a workout partner who is an RKC themselves then there is a good chance that your form may fade or dull slightly because there is no one present to give you feedback. I am very fortunate that I have my wife, Nikki, by my side the majority of the time to tell me if my technique can be improved on.
      • So I suggest that you either meet with another RKC every month or every other month for a workout and to check your technique.
      • You can video yourself from time to time and get feedback by watching it or by sending it to other RKC’s or posting it on the forum. I got some great feedback by other RKC’s this way on my kb snatch technique and swing which was highly valuable!
    • Attend more RKC events. I cannot stress enough the importance of attending MORE events. The RKC Level I is just the foundation to your physical and business success.

There you have it. Hopefully I have provided you with some good information for you to chew on when you are thinking of where the next step will be post RKC certification. I hope to see you at an upcoming RKC event very soon.

Hello everyone!  I hope all of you are doing well in your lives.  Make sure you take time to tell others how much they mean to you.

Today’s blogpost is on a personal note.  Below is a testimonial given by a very strong young woman.  When she first began her program she showed much promise.  She has now been with us for 7 months and here is what our girl has blossomed into.

  • She went from deadlifting the 16kg to now the 48kg
  • She began her kb swing with a 12kg and now can perform reps with the 32kg
  • She has improved on her push up
  • She went from a turkish get up with an 8kg to a 20kg!
  • She went from snatching the 8kg to now being able to do the 20kg for reps!
  • She just performed a snatch test (14kg) today for the first time and got 99 reps!

More importantly to us is to see the confidence that began to build and continues to grow in this young woman who is an inspiration to others.  Here is her testimonial:

“I am a teacher.  Therefore, it’s been a running joke between Mark, Nikki and I that I know how to do my homework.  After investing a lot of money and sampling several of the boot camps that Omaha has to offer, I was left very disappointed.  My strong support group disappeared after ten weeks with one program and the other didn’t care if I showed up or not.  Of all of the boot camps I attended, they had one thing in common – no one consistently cared about the correct way to perform exercises and this left me injured!  I needed a place that knew my name, which took an interest in my personal goals and would listen to me to help me achieve them.  I needed to find someone who knew what they were talking about and who would believe me when I said my knees hurt when I did squats!

Due to my previous injuries and high expectations, I researched SG Human Performance extensively before I made the first contact.  I went in for orientation where I received a Functional Movement Screen.  Mark and Nikki, who both have a long list of credentials including being certified Russian Kettlebell Instructors and Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialists, took a whole hour to figure out how my body moved!  They could tell me which exercises I would excel at and which ones would be difficult for me based upon my movement patterns.  After the screen, they broke down the basics of kettlebells and taught each exercise to me step by step.
The first week was hard, I felt like my sore muscles had sore muscles but each day of working them out helped ease the soreness. You just have to commit to the program and yourself.  Even after the first week you’ll notice you are stronger and you have more energy.  What really did it for me was when my “skinny” jeans became my too big jeans!  I was hooked! No matter what level you are at this program is worthwhile. You have the ability to control your own workout and push yourself within or out of your comfort zone at every session.
After working with Mark and Nikki as my built in support system it became easier and easier each day to stay on track and keep energized.  I must admit, it is not just about working out, it is a combination of both eating correctly and exercising, which they help you achieve with all of their knowledge!  I’m finally feeling like myself again, strong and energetic, and when I get compliments from people that notice the weight loss, I just smile and say….SG Human Performance!  Thanks Mark and Nikki!


We are just so darn proud of her as we are with all of our members.  This is why we call our members ROCK STARS!  Cause when they start to believe and truly see what they are accomplishing it is inspiring to them.  Not only in fitness but in other aspects of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about SG Human Performance you can contact us or visit our website.  For a free report on health and nutrition CLICK HERE.