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I was approached today by a potential client who is training for the Omaha Fire Department.  Extremely honored for the opportunity!  This also brings up an important point…

  • What goals are you trying to accomplish in 2012?
  • Do you have a plan of action?
  • Does your plan of action take into account where you are starting from, what skills you need to attain to accomplish this goal?
  • Does this plan take into account your movement and performance baseline?
  • Does this plan determine your strengths to maintain and your weaknesses to improve on?
  • Does this plan allow for changes or modifications to be made due to things that may come up?  How does the plan determine when to make modification?

Whether you are training for the Omaha Fire Department, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification, Marathon, 1/2 marathon, or just fat loss you MUST have a plan of action.

Here is my 2012 gift to you….  Anyone in the area who is interested in getting a proper PLAN OF ACTION towards their upcoming 2012 goals is invited to come in and get a Fitness Consultation and Functional Movement Screen at NO CHARGE ($87 value).  Just click the link below to get registered and we will sign you up for your consult and screen.  No strings attached.  This is a great way for you to understand every aspect detailed above whether you chose to train at home, at another gym, through another trainer, or through SG Human Performance.  What do you have to lose?


Here is to you accomplishing your goals!

Hello everyone.  Hope all of you are doing very well out there.

Today I am providing my product review for the DVD of Applying the FMS Model by Gray Cook.  Nikki and I were fortunate to experience this workshop first hand at the Chicago Perform Better Summit last summer (2011) as we both were given the honor of providing FMS screens for Brett and Gray during the workshop.

Applying the FMS Model is a great DVD for any individual wanting to learn more about applications of how to use the FMS model in their profession.  The DVD provides the actual workshop itself with its presentation slides and demonstrations of the FMS screen itself as well as analysis of the screen results.

Gray includes vital information on:

  • Understanding what the FMS scores mean for the particular individual
    • Individuals activities/sports/work
    • Limitations/Injury History
    • How to remove negatives
    • Applying proper correctives
    • Programming for that particular individual (provides great examples: weightlifter, runner, kettlebell enthusiast, older individual +50, younger individual -25, and an ex-athlete)

This is some pretty fantastic stuff as this type of material has not yet been covered in any other DVD or Workbook.  This is one of the main reasons why Gray and Brett decided to do the workshop in the first place, to provide a demonstration to interested people and to provide both FMS Certified and Non-FMS Certified individuals an understanding of application.

Here is a breakdown on what you receive:

4-disc DVD set—nearly 4 hours, plus bonus material
Filmed live at a Perform Better Summit Workshop
Disk One
Standard Operating Procedures
Movement Matters
Squat Discussion
Stabilization and Repatterning
Our Movement History

Disk Two
Functional Movement Screen Review
Scoring the Screens
Filters and Key Points
Live Screens
Scoring Criteria
Programming the Results

Disk Three
Screen Results Analysis
Order of Screen Priority
Hip Hinge and Deadlift Strategies
Movement Motor Learning
Movement Principles
Self-Limiting Exercise

Disk Four
Extra corrective strategies footage
Full lecture in MP3 audio format for listening in your car or on your portable device
A 61-page typeset transcript of the lecture
Movement Principles excerpt from the Movement book
FMS scoring criteria and verbal instructions
Presentation slides PDF
Video clips from Gray’s Powerpoint presentation
Self-limiting activities chart

On Target Publications did a fantastic job with this DVD.  It includes everything.  The PDF of the presentation slides, charts, scoring criteria and verbal instructions for the FMS, as well as a full MP3 of the lecture so you can listen off of your ipod or even in the car.  LOVE THAT!

In the workshop Gray does a fantastic job of explaining the finer points of why it is important to have a movement screen for any active individual.  These points can be used by the FMS professional towards convincing the importance of using the FMS in many different domains (Examples: sports teams, gyms, bootcamps, risk management for different active careers and etc.)

This DVD and workbook can be used in so many different ways:

  • Provide the Certified FMS Professional a valuable resource tool to enhance their current practice
  • Provide professionals who are interested in getting FMS certified a taste of everything the FMS entails
  • Provides all professionals a tool to present to their superiors, co-workers, and/or potential clients (examples: head coaches, athletic directors, strength coaches, athletic trainers, wellness coordinators, corporate wellness committees and etc.) which gives a vivid explanation of the whole FMS process and its applications and benefits.  Use this in your arsenal when you are trying to establish its importance within your setting.  How nice is it to ask someone to watch this video when they are interested in learning more about the FMS and its benefits?

For more information and to see more of the sample videos click HERE.

You have had enough.  You are tired of looking at what you see in the mirror everyday.  You want to lose fat and you want the body that you have always dreamed of.  You are now even more determined to achieve your fitness goals.  You will make it happen this time even after failed attempts.  This time is different.

BUT, Before you go out and buy the program, before you buy the DVD’s that are all the rage, before you make the financial investment into the equipment, gym membership, personal training sessions, bootcamp classes, and/or supplements you need to do one simple thing.

That is ASSESS YOUR FOUNDATION.  Any house that has been built to last the test of time has a solid foundation.  So why not do that with your body as well?  If your body does not have a solid foundation (as Gray Cook says) no matter what type of fitness you put on top of it, you are putting fitness on top of dysfunction.  This is not the correct way to start to achieve your goals.  In fact, it may be the reason that you are not achieving your goals.

Assess your foundation before you "Bring It"

What type of FOUNDATION am I speaking about?  Your MOVEMENT FOUNDATION which can also be described as your quality of movement.


  1. Poor Metabolism = Moving poorly restricts your metabolism.  You are not getting the most out of your body when you exercise and also as you go about your everyday activities.
  2. Injury = Would you drive a sports car at 100 mph when the car’s alignment is all out of whack?  It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN that car will break down.  And if you are driving that car at a very fast speed not only will the car break down sooner but bad things can occur very quickly!  The same goes for someone exercising with a poor movement foundation.
  3. Efficiency = Think of it this way.  If you move poorly or less than optimal, when you perform exercises you are not getting the most out of your body.  The less that you get out of your body then you are restricting your workouts and not getting the calorie burn you would optimally love.  The better you move = THE MORE YOU BURN!

Before you go "INSANE", make sure you understand how well your body moves.

So how do you assess your Movement Foundation?  You have a few choices.

  1. You go get a Functional Movement Screen from a certified professional.  This is the cream of the crop on movement quality.  They can assess your foundation and provide you with exercises to make your foundation strong.  Once you achieve a proper score with no imbalances then you are free to workout any way you wish, just keep rechecking your movement after finishing or beginning a program.
  2. You can perform an at home SELF MOVEMENT SCREEN.  The screen is easy to set up and perform without having to purchase any equipment (all you really need is a broomstick, tape of some kind, and a doorway).  All the instructions are below in the video provided.

Here at SG Human Performance we understand the importance of having a solid Movement Foundation and how providing you with the FMS screen and exercises to help to build this foundation this will ultimately help you to achieve your fat loss goals.  If you are interested in getting an FMS screen and/or would like to learn more about our training programs and group classes VISIT OUR WEBSITE HERE.

If you do not feel you need any help then put your money where your mouth is and perform the Self Movement Screen to make sure your foundation is rock solid.  If you pass all the tests, then fantastic!  Go after your goals and we hope that you achieve them.  If you fail any of the tests then you need to either check out an Functional Movement Professional (FMS/SFMA) or check out the book Athletic Body in Balance.

Hello again everyone.  Hope all of you are doing well with your lives and training smart.

Today I want to review a DVD/Workbook combination by Master RKC Brett Jones and Gray Cook, RKC.  It is called Kettlebells from the Center: Dynami.

This workbook/DVD is a progression from the Secrets Series and Kalos Sthenos.  If you have not previously watched these before videos and workbooks I highly suggest to watch them as it makes a seemless transition into Dynami.  This workbook does a fantastic job of building your exercise skills through a proper progression.

Pattern Building>Slow Strength>Symmetry> and then Dynami (power).

Many of you may have heard that it speaks about the Kettlebell Swing and then its power counterpart, the Push Press.  But you would not believe how so much more is contained in this book.  They begin with the basics of movement as a great review that even includes often overlooked principles of movement screening and clearance tests to proper breathing (biomechanical and anatomic).

The DVD and workbook covers so many drills and progressions that are vital to myself not only as an individual but as an instructor.  I have progressed many individuals through the deadlift, swing and single leg deadlift much more efficiently with the use of the drills in this workbook/DVD.  SO MUCH is covered and it is great once again that I can see it on DVD and then be able to read the information and refer back to it in a workbook.

Items covered in Kettlebells from the Center (includes instruction, pattern building, slow strength, power and common mistakes)

  • Deadlift and variations
  • Swing and variations
  • Single leg deadlift and variations
  • Squat
  • Bottoms up squat
  • Press
  • Bottoms up press
  • Push Press
  • and Squat to Push Press
  • fantastic movement prep drills you have not seen anywhere else!

One thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about the bottoms up progression is that it is a fantastic way for you as an individual to address symmetry and be able to clean those things up.  Those of you going through the ROP ladders to get your clean and press numbers should really consider using some of the bottoms up progressions during your off weeks or your variety days to help you to address your symmetry.  You WILL notice that with these particular drills will help you improve quickly and avoid injury as well!

Again I highly suggest Dynami for you to purchase for yourself and for your clients.  All of you will greatly benefit from this series.  It is a must for those individuals who are training for RKC Level I and II to help you progress efficiently and get the strength you need to complete the requirements of your certification.

Change is inevitable.  It is supposed to happen for the best of all mankind, correct?  Sometimes change can push us as individuals in the wrong direction.  Gone are the times when we had to hunt and gather for food, gone (for some) are the long work days spent performing grueling activities.

Now we have better medicines, better ways to perform surgeries.  We have office jobs, computers and other technologies that make life easier and more convenient for us.  But there is a problem….. Injuries and illnesses are on the rise for Americans as compared to other countries.  With all the technologies out there and advances in sports medicine we are still suffering from many chronic and acute injuries.  We have orthopaedists and physical therapists and athletic trainers who have extensive knowledge and say things like “don’t squat below parallel, it will hurt your knees” because they read/heard it from an article, but yet leg extensions and leg press is ok. Remember this is the same generation that believe in super sized fast food meals and fad diets.  This is the same generation who’s military has had to REDUCE their standards for physical fitness.  This is the same generation who has adopted the body builder’s programming and guidelines of isolated exercise.  What this really means:

  • It is not the squat that destroys the knees but the fact that we as Americans lack the mobility, stability and motor control to perform a proper squat technique
  • That our lifestyles (work, home, and play) are allowing us to move poorly which results in poor physical fitness.  If we moved better, it would not take so much effort to get into proper shape and maintain it.
  • Body builder programming is excellent…. FOR BODYBUILDERS!  It is made for muscle growth, not for strength and coordination.  You want to be strong like a volleyball player or a gymnast.  Then start working out like them.  You don’t see them doing split sets of back and biceps one day and chest and tris the other.  They work the body as a WHOLE.
I wonder why Asia is so good at squatting?

I wonder why Asia is so good at squatting?

The problem AMERICA is this.  We forgot how to move, now a days have no clue how to move correctly.  Our newly provided lifestyles have distorted our true coordination and balance.  We have no foundation for movement that we put our everyday stresses upon.

People in Asia have no problems with squatting below parallel, they practically live there.  That is because they do it every day.  They never lost their ability to squat.  They don’t have knee issues like us Americans do.  What are we missing?

With the advance of technology, we sit in our cars and go to work (which saves us time and energy), we sit in our office chairs and do work for the majority of the day (we are more productive), we eat meals that are mainly highly processed

foods that are bad for us (because it costs less).  We exercise by getting in our car and driving around the parking lot until we find a space that is close enough to the door (heaven forbid we walk a little further!) Then we SIT once again at

our machine weights with no thought to proper form (either we have to go heavy or as light as possible).  Most Americans are more concerned with their “cardio” and get onto a treadmill and watch TV as they run with horrible technique and wonder why they have knee pain?  We spend more than half our lives in a flexed position (think seated) with poor posture.  What do we do to counteract this issue?  We sit more????????

Fantastic ENGAGED exercise.

Gone and forgotten are the days of healthier individuals who participated in ENGAGED physical activity.  Where technique and proper movement was crucial.

The #1 predictor of injury in individuals is if they have had a previous injury.  Does that tell us something?  Maybe we are not attacking the problems correctly with anti-inflammatories, machine weights, and other physical therapy exercises?  Are we doomed to either not exercise enough and die from some disease due to our poor habits or maybe even worse we exercise obsessively but incorrectly with the machine weights and improper movement patterns and wear down  our joints until there is nothing left and we are back on the couch with a total knee replacement, back pain and a total hip.  Only to die once again due to the fact that we have worn ourselves out so much that we can’t stay fit?

AMERICANS!!!!  We need to move better! Fitness, Medical, and Rehab Professionals!!!!!!!  We need to understand movement better and get our patients, clients and athletes moving better!  How do we do this?  I have a piece to the answer.

A book has come out that is ground breaking.  It speaks about the problems we as Americans are faced with and how we need to address them.  The book is called “Movement” by Gray Cook (Physical Therapist, Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach).

This book is the beginning of a new way of exercise and rehabilitation. The RIGHT way!

This book addresses what we need to be doing as Americans (and what we as Sports Medicine professionals should be teaching to the masses) to move better.  Think of this, if we move better then we have less chance of injury, we have better movement skills and coordination to be able to do the types of physical activities that we love, we get more out of our workouts.

So how do you know how well you move?  You fist must set a baseline for how you move and the Functional Movement Screen will help you to find out how well you move.  It can determine if any compensations, imbalances, and asymmetries exist in your bodies that would cause you to move poorly.  If you get an FMS screen and you score appropriately, then keep doing what you are doing because you move well!  If you do not, then you need to adjust your activities and concentrate on moving better.

What about those who have pain?  Then there is the Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  This assessment is made for sports medicine professionals to help diagnose movement dysfunction that is causing the pain in the first place.

Thanks to all of you who are letting me rant about how poorly we Americans move.  And now I ask of you if there is only one thing you buy this year to read (Especially My Sports Medicine Professionals!) you must buy the book Movement.  You will not regret it.  Lets get Americans on the Functional Movement Revolution and think about moving better!  RKC’s  there is still time to sign up for the CK-FMS in October!

We love to use our GRAY COOK BAND in many aspects of our training and it works fantastic whether you are training your clients one on one or in a group setting.  If you have attended an FMS Seminar or CK-FMS, then you already know alot about Reactive Neuromuscular Training.  The GC Band is another terrific way to wake up stabilizing musculature and facilitate RNT.

In this video I just wanted to show a video on how you can use the GRAY COOK BAND to help improve aspects of you and your clients Turkish Get Up.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Right now at Perform Better the Gray Cook bands are on sale.

Hello everyone.  Hope all is well for you and your families.

Today, Nikki and I were scheduled to perform a session of the Kettlebell Burn program we purchased from Geoff Neupert, Master RKC.  Nikki is doing great and was ready for the program.  Myself on the other hand was coming off some low back/SI joint pain from playing sand volleyball last week.

Most people do one of two extremes when faced with this sort of problem:

  1. They don’t do any sort of workout and take anti-inflammatories and rest.  MAYBE ice.  The pain may improve but the dysfunction remains.
  2. They do the workout anyways and push through any pain that may arrive and suffer the consequences in the following days after (usually can end in a visit to the doctor or chiropractor)

Now for me and my understanding how my Functional Movement Screen Score goes, I knew what exercises I could do and what needed to be modified.

Here is how our program was laid out and what Nikki did:

  • Clean and Press Ladder (1,2,3) for time
  • Version of TGU for reps each side followed by reverse lunge each side for reps for a specific period of time
  • Swings for time

Now here is what I did instead:

Warm Up

  • Checked shoulder mobility and cleared thoracic rotation
  • Noticed that hip flexors were dynamically tight, performed 1/2 kneeling hip flexor stretch followed by cook hip lift

Clean and Press Ladder

  • Performed 10kg press ladder in tall kneeling position
  • Performed 5 wall push ups outlined in convict conditioning
    • Repeated the process for the remaining period, tried one set of clean and press to 3 with 16kg which felt “ok” so returned to tall kneeling position for presses
    • You think this would be easy but I was sweating bullets due to the fact that I really had to concentrate on getting my hips and trunk stable for the press without falling on my face

TGU version and reverse lunges

  • I did 5 reps of get up to elbow each side really concentrating on proper form and not “plopping” down at the end.  I tried my best to do what Gray Cook says by “owning the movement”
  • Followed that with 1/2 kneeling hip flexor stretch for 5 breaths from relax into stretch
  • Reverse lunge 5 reps per side with KB in goblet position
    • If this exercise would have caused any problems in my back I definitely would have thrown it out
  • Brettzel each side
    • Repeated the whole process for the prescribed time


  • Performed the following in alternating fashion
    • static stomp deadlift (averaged about 7) with 20kg
    • regular swings (avg 15) with 16kg)

Was it a smoker of a workout?  Heck no, it was not meant to be (remember I made it corrective instead of conditioning).  But I did break a good sweat, felt good that I did something and I walked out of the workout feeling much better than coming in.

If you want to learn more about the FMS, Dragon Door has a terrific DVD set that covers the whole CK-FMS progressions.  There are also seminars available to sign up for FMS seminar events as well through perform better.  If you would like to learn more about the Turkish Get Up corrections check out Kalos Sthenos.

Also, check out Geoff Neupert’s new book, KETTLEBELL MUSCLE – The Secrets to Compound Lifting. I have been able to see a taste of the book when Nikki and I were test subjects for Geoff and it is a terrific strength and conditioning workout!

Hope everyone is dong very well. I just returned from a fantastic event, the RKC’s Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist Workshop. What a wonderful 4 days Nikki and I had with our RKC brother/sisterhood.

Throughout all the lectures, labs, and exercise breaks I started thinking to myself: “who would not want to be FMS screened and/or attend CK-FMS?”

Think about it for a second. For those of you who have trained for RKC level I or II, how many of you had to deal with some kind of setback/injury? How many of you when training or attending RKC was informed that your technique was sub par and really struggled with proper technique?

Did you ever think that your setback and/or injury may have been due to a limitation that may exist in your body? How about the thought that this limitation puts your body in a position that you cannot perform the RKC standard for exercise technique?

That is the beautiful thing about the FMS.
It sets a baseline that gives you an idea about what your limitations are (be it asymmetry or imbalance). It provides you with a proven method of correcting these limitations whether it be improving on mobility, stability and/or motor control.

The reason why I am talking about it is because I have seen it as well as experienced it. I have seen individuals training for HKC and RKC get setbacks in their training due to a limitation. I have seen those same individuals fail their certification because they would not take the time to work on that limitation.

I am no better!!! I had alot of trouble getting my snatch numbers as well as being able to demonstrate RKC competency in my press and snatch in the lockout position. I was very fortunate enough to understand my shoulder/thoracic limitation in my FMS score and addressed it during training and taking a step back from training to get my shoulder mobility score to where it needed to be. Then I slowly progressed back into proper technique with corrective exercise and help from my instructor Master RKC David Whitley.

So if you would consider some advice:

If you are planning on training and attending a RKC level I or HKC. Take the time to get a FMS and work with an RKC. Better yet, get with a CK-FMS and get the best of both worlds. Then you can make sure that you are limitation free and that your technique is solid.

If you are RKC Level I, attend CK-FMS. This is a terrific opportunity for you to better yourself as a Kettlebell instructor. Knowing your clients FMS score helps tremendously with guiding you as a RKC to determine what patterning will work best to get your clients training with proper technique. Remember what I said earlier, poor technique may be due to your client’s limitation

Also you are giving your clients more value to your training by helping to get them in fantastic shape AND prevent injury!

Nikki and Imade a very good decision and went to CK-FMS before attending RKC II.  This gives us all the tools to keep our limitations at bay and have the optimal ability to train for the rigors of Level II.  Also, another smart thing we have decided is to attend the Summit of Strength to help us get our technique on target to train limitation free and with solid technique!


Since we truly believe that the FMS is a very important system to have when training for ANYTHING, including HKC/RKC.  If you sign up through our affiliate link, you will get a free functional movement screen, corrective session and prep session.  HKC = 1 hour, RKC = 2 hours.

 Convict Conditioning How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength

Hello everyone out there, hope all of you are doing very well.

Today I wanted to give my review of a book that has been very popular among us in the RKC community.  Paul Wade is an ex con who spent a significant period of time behind bars.  His only means of keeping in shape and IMPROVING his strength was by learning from other veterans in prison and by using body weight exercises.  Not only was this a way for him to improve his strength but it was a way of training for survival.

The first part of the book gives a vivid picture about how “Convict Conditioning” came to be and how Paul survived behind bars in one of the toughest prisons.  He speaks in detail about the lost art of training (especially bodyweight training) in a world that resolves around making training easier by using machines, improper technique and shake weights :).

We are in a time an age where our generation on one end is trying to kick its ass into submission with no thought towards technique and the consequences the body will take, to the other end where we try to find the simple, least taxing method of training where there is no need for stabilization of the kinetic chain while training (machine weights).  Both of these systems disconnect the body, the one pushes the body too hard to where it is going into survival mode and technique is terrible, to the other where the load is not near enough and the set up only allows you to work one body part at a time.

The next part of the book he speaks on the “Big Six” movements: Pushups, Squats, Pullups, Leg Raises, Bridges and Handstand pushups. Not only does he paint a vivid picture about how the end goal should be but he also provides his “Ten Steps” approach to getting to the ultimate goal of strength.   This is an ideal approach for individuals, personal trainers/strength coaches, and rehabilitation specialists because he provides the proper progression to achieve proper strength.  In our classes we have used different steps of knee tucks, push ups, pull ups to correspond with the members skill level.  This allows our members to get the most out of their training without under/over training where load is not enough/or too much that technique may fail.

The nice thing about Convict Conditioning is that it takes a simplest approach to training the body as a whole.  Anyone can begin this approach to training from kids to senior citizens.  No extra load is applied and the body in a step by step approach is trained on how best to use its own body weight.  Isn’t that the way it should be?  The book also follows the same type of approach as the RKC system as where proper movement comes first instead of applying more load.

So I highly recommend that everyone/anyone purchase Convict Conditioning.  Very good read with good progressions.  It can be used like a workbook when you are working on progressions of your own and your clients.

If you need more recommendations try reading the ones by Pavel Tsatsouline, Brett Jones, and Gray Cook.

Just wanted to take the time to clear up a few things about our services that we provide here at SG Human Performance.  Besides the team/business training/workshops, RKC/HKC prep sessions and some semi private personal training sessions, the majority of our business is our kettlebell bootcamps.  We have been told by many individuals who are interested in our services that the word “bootcamp” is a bit intimidating.  I am here to clear up a few things about our bootcamp and give you our definition.

  • We do not strive to put our bootcamp members through pain and anguish until the point that they throw up
    • For one, pain is your body telling you that something is not going right.  Either there is damage to an area or joint that needs to be addressed or more than likely that your technique is off.  At SGHP we strive on proper technique.  We take the time to perform a functional movement screen at orientation and throughout your membership to make sure we understand how your body moves and what we can do to get you to move better.  You move better = no pain with movement = better workout = less prone to injury.  If the exercise causes pain, then we modify the exercise for the individual.
    • We ask our members as Master RKC Geoff Neupert would say it “manage your fatigue”.  You get tired to the point that your technique fades, then rest.  We stress QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Believe it or not, your body will get a better workout out of 5 terrific push ups over a period of time with rest in between then doing 30 continuous crappy push ups.
    • Here is a good article by RKC Team Leader, Delaine Ross titled “Why working out too hard is counterproductive”
  • We do not have you perform crazy hard exercises from day 1
    • As for every proper strength and conditioning program there has to be a proper progression through the program.  We determine what your level is and have you work at that level until you begin to understand how your body is supposed to move.  Then we progress you and challenge you accordingly.  We ask our members to find the exercise and progression that challenges them, but is not difficult.  Again Quality of movement is our main goal.  We work our program under the Russian Kettlebell Challenge.  Where kettlebells and other methods of training are only tools to get the proper movement that we want, its the movement that is key.
    • For every exercise we have a progression and a regression for the member to perform based on how they feel during the workout.
    • We provide a free kettlebell orientation that is required by everyone who participates in our bootcamp to attend before beginning actual bootcamp workouts.  I have provided a video of one of our bootcamps below
  • We do not yell and scream at you to get you to workout harder.
    • Who would want someone screaming in your ear?  I sure don’t.
    • We motivate you through encouragement of our instructors and members.  You will be amazed how a team atmosphere in the bootcamp will get you to outperform what you originally thought you could.
    • The only thing that may cause a tongue lashing is when a member continually performs improper technique.  We state that the exercise begins when the weight is picked up until the end when the weight is set down.  No sloppy technique is tolerated, especially when picking up and putting down the kettlebell.  This is when individuals are more likely to hurt themselves.
  • We do not make you have your picture taken in your underwear.
    • We just don’t believe in it.  If you want to take a picture of yourself at the beginning of your bootcamp and then at the end, be our guest.  The last thing we want to do is promote a before and after picture.  Also we are not big components of total weight lost.
    • What we do is offer to take your body measurements, then every 2 weeks we can remeasure you to keep track of your progress.  We like to measure progress with inches lost, shirt/dress/pant sizes, and how you look and feel!  That is the progress we want to see and like to brag about!
  • We do not make you sign a long-term commitment to our bootcamp
    • Curious about using kettlebells but not ready to make a long-term commitment?  No problem!  We provide kettlebell orientations and 2 weeks of unlimited classes at no charge.  After those 2 weeks if you do not feel that kettlebell bootcamp is the best workout ever, then we will happy send you on your way, no questions asked.
    • We provide 3, 6, & 12 month contracts for you to commit to.  The longer you commit, the cheaper the price.

As Master RKC David Whitley states: “Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better”.  That is our goal.

  1. Get you moving better by using the Functional Movement Screen, Proper training on corrective exercises and technique
  2. Get you feeling better by improving your health, strength and fitness as well as improving your confidence
  3. By doing the 2 listed above, we promise you will look better in many aspects!  We help to reduce body fat by performing your stength and cardio all in one workout.  Some exercises have been proven to burn up to 20 calories a minute!  Don’t believe me then check out the study HERE!