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I read a terrific post by Senior RKC and Strength Coach, Dan John.


He speaks of the importance of the Kettlebell clean and rack walks and farmers walks. These exercises in my mind helps to practice the proper posture and muscle recruitment of the hardstyle lockout. I am to a big believer in the farmers walk and rack walks so decided to perform a workout under the idea of Dan John’s Ideas.

Grab 3-4 sets of kettlebells according to your level. I grabbed 2x12kg, 2x16kg, 2x20kg, & 2x24kg. Perform the following:

5 double Kettlebell swings, set the bells down
double kb deadlift to farmers walk, 20 yds down & back
5 double Kettlebell cleans
double kb rack walk, 20 yds down & back

Start light and move to heavy. I did 3 rounds. Took me 35 minutes.

Place importance on proper form and don’t push your body to sloppy technique. This was a terrific workout for me since I needed to work on proper posture and proper bracing with Kettlebell training. Plus I was able to work on my kb clean which is the technique that I feel I need to work on most.

Hope everyone is doing fantastic.  Here is our next volume of workout of the week.  Equipment is TRX and a Kettlebell.

Set Gymboss Timer to

:30rest/:30work, 2-3 rounds

4 stations – 2 exercises per station

A) TRX Bridge/TRX Plank

B) Rack Reverse Lunge R/L

C) Renegade Row R/L

D) Double KB Deadlift/Farmers Walks

Rest for a few minutes and let your heartrate come back down a bit.  Then set up as many kettlebells as you have and perform the “circle” so named by Dave Whitley, Master RKC.  Keep Gym Boss timer at :30/:30 and perform a round of swings, move to a different size kettlebell during rest and repeat for 8-12 rounds.  Feel free to put in a round of burpees, jump rope, mountain climbers or if you are so lucky as our members, battling rope!

Hello everyone.  This week has been a terrific one here at SGHP.  Our members are making huge strides and are progressing very nicely towards their goals.  We have had one member lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks.  We have many who are showing huge strides in their confidence and are now attacking the kettlebells rather than shying to them during swings and getups.  I just love my job!

Here is the workout of the week for March.  You will need a TRX, medium sized kettlebell, and something to elevate your foot onto.  Set your gymboss interval timer to 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds of work for up to 16-24 rounds.  I always like to start the timer on the rest cycle so then I have time to hit the start button and get set up and ready to work without having to worry about losing work time.

  • TRX Push Up with L leg elevated, rest
  • TRX Push Up with R leg elevated, rest
  • Single Leg Bridge with L leg elevated, rest
  • Single Leg Bridge with R leg elevated, rest
  • Side plank on L side, rest
  • Side plank on R side, rest
  • Rear foot elevated split squat, L
  • Rear foot elevated split squat, R
  • 1 arm kb row, L
  • 1 arm kb row, R

Complete for 2-3 rounds for a total of 16-24 minutes of work.

Then I suggest a kettlebell swing hill workout.  Get your medium to heavy sized kettlebell.  Perform 10 swings, rest to a count of 10, then 11/11, 12/12, 13/13, 14/14, 15/15, 14/14, 13/13, 12/12, 11/11, & 10/10.  Perform as many of these hills that you can in 10-15 minutes.  (Usually about 1 to 2 times).

Hope everyone is doing terrific.  Next kettlebell orientations that we have are on March 20th, 23, and 24th.  Kettlebell orientations are free and include a 2 week free trial period.

Hello Everyone! I know it has been a little while since I have written anything and I do apologize. Here at Nebraska Kettlebell, we have been very busy getting orientations and classes started up. It has been a tremendous start! We owe it all to our members having trust in us to deliver the results that they desire.

For those of you who are currently going to a gym and working out, but not getting the results you desire, here is a little breakdown of the advantages of being a member of Nebraska Kettlebell over going to a “traditional” gym setting.

1) Equipment

Traditional Gym – Machines, benches, cardio equipment and dumbbells make up the majority of the equipment here. The only problem is why in the world would I have someone who is already seated all day long, get in their car and drive to the gym only to sit down and perform exercises on a machine or bench? As Americans we have become very uncoordinated due to this very fact (the sitting and the training seated). When we exercise we should be practicing MOVEMENT, then when the time arrives that we need to have the proper coordination to perform a movement (example: shoveling snow, picking up a heavy object, slipping on ice, playing sports) we do it so in a way that is functional not dysfuntional.

Nebraska Kettlebell – NO machines, no cardio equipment. Body weight exercises, kettlebells, ropes and TRX. All of this equipment works on proper coordination. Getting you moving correctly, so you do so when you need to. You will also notice that those aches and pains you thought you just had to deal with will improve as well because you are re-teaching your body proper movement. Remember our motto:


2) Instruction

Traditional Gym – NONE or you have to pay extra for a personal trainer

Nebraska Kettlebell – Our first priority is on technique and there will never ever be more than a 10 to 1 participant to instructor ratio. This allows us to make sure your technique is on target. Remember its not about the kettlebell, its about proper movement. All our equipment just helps us to reinforce the proper movement skills. Plus, when technique is at its best you greatly diminish your chances of suffering from an injury, as a matter of fact, you will become more injury prone in other activities. Our cost is way less per session than hiring a personal trainer.

3) Atmosphere

Traditional Gym – Little stuffy at times, have to wait for your favorite machine for someone who is going to sweat all over it, sometimes a little intimidating, crowded.

Nebraska Kettlebell – We have a 15 person maximum for classes, so no stuffiness or crowd. Everyone works together in a team like atmosphere. We find that this team like atmosphere brings out the best in our members. Everyone supports one another and this helps atmosphere allows our members to work harder than they ever expected. Much better than working out on your own.

4) Programming

Traditional Gym – You may do the same weights and reps each time you come in that they may have given you when you did your first complimentary training session or you just do what comes to mind when you walk in through the door

Nebraska Kettlebell – First, all members are required to perform a functional movement screen during their orientation, this allows us to develop an individualized warm up and cool down to allow you to workout at your best, and also allows us to understand how are members move and what skills we need to develop throughout their progression. All workouts are then developed with our members in hand. Everyone works at their own pace and will perform the exercises that allows them to succeed in the proper progression.

5) Time

Traditional Gym – You spend 30-60minutes performing strength training then try and find a spot on a cardio machine to get your 30-60 minutes of cardio. Who has the time for this? Also, how bored are you?

Nebraska Kettlebell – Our workouts are designed to be 40-50 minutes long that include a warm up and a cool down. We promise you that you will get the workout you want in half the time. Also the 45 minute workout has you paying close attention to your technique and you will get the most out of your body. With long cardio and/or strength sessions your mind can tend to wander and that is when technique fails.

6) Results

Traditional Gym – Are you getting the results that you want? If you are then terrific! Keep doing what you are doing. If you are not, then isn’t it time for a change?

Nebraska Kettlebell – The American Council on Exercise just published a study that shows that kettlebell exercises like the swing can produce your body to burn calories at a rate of up to 20 calories per minute! That is like trying to run a 6 minute mile pace on the treadmill. This type of training will get you the results that you want. Whether it is weight loss, sports performance, or pre and post rehabilitation you will get the results you desire!

IF you are interested in learning more about what we here at Nebraska Kettlebell have to offer. Sign up for a kettlebell orientation. With that orientation you get a functional movement screen and 2 weeks of bootcamp at no charge. At the end of the 2 weeks you will recieve a workbook that has the following (we call it your “Strategy for Success”):

  • outline of the functional movement screen
  • your functional movement screen and what it is telling us
  • corrective guidelines to work on any imbalances that may exist
  • exercise handouts of those corrective exercises
  • exercise handouts of the foundational kettlebell exercises for you to practice at home
  • nutritional information from PRECISION NUTRITION.

What do you have to lose? Give us a shot and if you decide that Nebraska Kettlebell does not provide you an exhilarating workout and will put you on the right track to your goals then you are not out any money and you also leave with an understanding of how your body moves and a plan to get you moving better.


The store is up and ready for you to order all different kinds of SGHP items.  Check them out at Womens T

For the Female Fitness Enthusiast who is interested in getting started into kettlebell training:

 For the Male Fitness Enthusiast who is interested in getting started into kettlebell training:


  • For the fitness enthusiast with kettlebell experience:

  • Return of the Kettlebell-Explosive Kettlebell Training for Explosive Muscle Gains

For the rehabilitation specialist:


 My personal Christmas List!

What’s on my wife’s Christmas list

  • Viking Warrior Conditioning-The Scientific Approach to Forging a Heart of Elastic Steel: An Application of The Theory Behind ProperVO2max Training


If all else fails you can go with a Gift Certificate!

RKC – 24 hours and counting

Posted: August 27, 2009 by mrsghp in RKC
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Hello everyone! I promised that I would do my best on our blog and facebook to update everyone on how we are doing on the Russian Kettlebell Instructor Certification on a daily basis as we are allowed.

First of all we would like to thank everyone for the card and the good luck wishes. It is nice to know that Nikki and I have such a terrific support group.

We woke up this am on a good note. I slept pretty well and had terrific dreams about the upcoming events. By about 4:30am I could not sleep any longer.

Currently Dave E., Nikki & myself are on a flight to Houston. Then we quickly change planes there and off to San Diego where we meet up with another member of the irontamer clan, Kristen.

Nikki and I have tried our best to plan things out ahead of time. We plan to get to our hotel and then go to the grocery store for items for our lunches. This year the RKC does not provide lunch and we just didn’t want to have to eat out all the time due to cost and how fast food may affect our performance. We have our bags packed full of items like tape, towels, cornhuskers lotion, pumice stones, sock sleeves, head sleeves and other important Kettlebell equipment for the weekend.

So many questions I have for the team leaders and RKCs. I am currently reading two books, “the trigger point therapy workbook” by Claire Davies & “relax into stretch” by pavel. Very good info in each which has provided benefits to members of the IPHP program, especially my femme Kettlebell group that I have become so proud of. Look forward to the opportunity to speak with Dr. Mark. Cheng & Brett Jones on their extensive knowledge of rehabilitation, the functional movement screen, and kettlebell training.

I will try and update tomorrow night if I have the energy left. Take care and I will post as soon as I can.