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Hello everyone. Hope ALL of you out there are training well and training smart. Wanted to make myself accountable for my actions so I am posting again my progress and goals from week 4 of our Fat Loss Pilot Study.

So Far NONE of our clients have decided to comment on these blog posts and speak as well about what they have done well and what they need to work on during this study. I REALLY HOPE that our members decide this week to comment back for everyone to see and learn from.

So far last week I was 85% compliant on my nutrition goals but was 6 for 7 on days of doing my corrective exercises. Really starting to FEEL a difference in how I move. Squats, Turkish Get Ups and Swings feel more crisp and fluid. Paying close attention to my body and how I feel the following day after a workout. Pleased with how my body is progressing in the program. Really looking forward to seeing what my measurements say this week when i get them done.

Items to improve on:

  • Still striving for that 90% compliancy rating!  So close!
    • Going to plan ahead my cheat meals based on our schedule,  Gotta remember super bowl Sunday!
    • Pre plan meals in containers the evening before or days ahead of time by pre-packaging them
    • Vanilla shake mix with greens+ is a life saver
  • Have stopped consuming sodas during the day.  Gonna keep with that goal
  • Keep pushing myself in the workouts.

SGHP members or anyone out there that wants to be held accountable for their actions, please comment on this post with what you are doing well, what you need to improve on and how you plan to accomplish it.


Now is the time of year that everyone has BIG goals in mind.  And rightfully so, you should!  A new year is among us and we make resolutions and goals.  Many have the goal of obtaining and health and fitness goal(s) such as fat loss, improving strength or setting new heights within their sports or activities.

Many of these individuals set out to set a new standard of the way they train.  They set a goal and a date to reach that goal (which is very important by the way), they get a plan of action (secondly important) and they have the passion to complete the goal.

Only one thing may be missing from you achieving that ever so important goal.  How WELL do you move?  Establishing a baseline for movement is very important and is becoming the new standard for training.  You see, over time our bodies can and will develop imbalances by the way we live our lives.  That could be due to working at a desk 8 hours per day, playing a particular sport or even from a previous injury.

The problem is that alot of people feel that you need to move more to achieve your health and fitness goals.  But as a matter of fact, this may create more of a problem.  Think of it this way.  You buy a brand new BMW roadster the only problem is that you purchased the car from another person and the frame is out of alignment.  What should you do first?  Drive that car all out with the pedal to the metal?  No, because you know that would do more harm than good.  You take it to a licensed mechanic who can get the car back into proper alignment.  THEN you can take it out and drive it the way you want to.

The same should be said for our bodies.  Imbalances and asymmetries can prevent us from getting the workout that we want.  Better movement, better workout, more productivity towards your fitness goal.

This is why all our clients get a Functional Movement Screen included in their free trial.  This helps us to understand how to train them better.  If you are interested in getting a FREE functional movement screen at no charge contact us here at  To find out more about the Functional Movement Screen you can check out their website and you can also find information about it on our website.

In the following weeks we will be posting exercises and videos that helps us get a terrific workout and maintain or achieve all our movement quality.