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Hello everyone.  Wanted to see if I could get the word out to everyone who is interested in learning more about how we use the Functional Movement Screen to enhance our programming and clients success in the group setting.

As many of you may know, we specialize in group kettlebell classes but also include bodyweight exercises, TRX Training, battling ropes and other drills (ALOT of self limiting exercises).

Basically our Foundation here at SG Human Performance (its even in our mission statement) is using the Functional Movement Screen.

FMS provides us the following:

  • Establishes rapport with new and existing clients
  • Determines programming success
  • Boosts Metabolism (YES, hard to believe I know, but its so true)
  • Improves exercise technique
  • Assesses client progress

So I am opening up my blog for ANYONE to ask their questions about how to use the FMS to enhance themselves as a fitness professional and also to enhance their rehabilitation or fitness business.  Please post a comment to this blog with your question and I will do my best to answer it.

If you don’t believe me (or want more information) check into Alwyn Cosgroves “Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss Programming” and how he uses the FMS in his Fat Loss Programming in both Semi Private and Group Training.

You have had enough.  You are tired of looking at what you see in the mirror everyday.  You want to lose fat and you want the body that you have always dreamed of.  You are now even more determined to achieve your fitness goals.  You will make it happen this time even after failed attempts.  This time is different.

BUT, Before you go out and buy the program, before you buy the DVD’s that are all the rage, before you make the financial investment into the equipment, gym membership, personal training sessions, bootcamp classes, and/or supplements you need to do one simple thing.

That is ASSESS YOUR FOUNDATION.  Any house that has been built to last the test of time has a solid foundation.  So why not do that with your body as well?  If your body does not have a solid foundation (as Gray Cook says) no matter what type of fitness you put on top of it, you are putting fitness on top of dysfunction.  This is not the correct way to start to achieve your goals.  In fact, it may be the reason that you are not achieving your goals.

Assess your foundation before you "Bring It"

What type of FOUNDATION am I speaking about?  Your MOVEMENT FOUNDATION which can also be described as your quality of movement.


  1. Poor Metabolism = Moving poorly restricts your metabolism.  You are not getting the most out of your body when you exercise and also as you go about your everyday activities.
  2. Injury = Would you drive a sports car at 100 mph when the car’s alignment is all out of whack?  It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN that car will break down.  And if you are driving that car at a very fast speed not only will the car break down sooner but bad things can occur very quickly!  The same goes for someone exercising with a poor movement foundation.
  3. Efficiency = Think of it this way.  If you move poorly or less than optimal, when you perform exercises you are not getting the most out of your body.  The less that you get out of your body then you are restricting your workouts and not getting the calorie burn you would optimally love.  The better you move = THE MORE YOU BURN!

Before you go "INSANE", make sure you understand how well your body moves.

So how do you assess your Movement Foundation?  You have a few choices.

  1. You go get a Functional Movement Screen from a certified professional.  This is the cream of the crop on movement quality.  They can assess your foundation and provide you with exercises to make your foundation strong.  Once you achieve a proper score with no imbalances then you are free to workout any way you wish, just keep rechecking your movement after finishing or beginning a program.
  2. You can perform an at home SELF MOVEMENT SCREEN.  The screen is easy to set up and perform without having to purchase any equipment (all you really need is a broomstick, tape of some kind, and a doorway).  All the instructions are below in the video provided.

Here at SG Human Performance we understand the importance of having a solid Movement Foundation and how providing you with the FMS screen and exercises to help to build this foundation this will ultimately help you to achieve your fat loss goals.  If you are interested in getting an FMS screen and/or would like to learn more about our training programs and group classes VISIT OUR WEBSITE HERE.

If you do not feel you need any help then put your money where your mouth is and perform the Self Movement Screen to make sure your foundation is rock solid.  If you pass all the tests, then fantastic!  Go after your goals and we hope that you achieve them.  If you fail any of the tests then you need to either check out an Functional Movement Professional (FMS/SFMA) or check out the book Athletic Body in Balance.

The Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

Omaha, Nebraska

August 7th, 2010

If you look at the calendar now it is about  7 weeks until our first upcoming Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification here at SG Human Performance with Master RKC, David Whitley on August 7th, 2010.  We are very excited to be able to provide the Omaha area with a certification that teaches all the important aspects of Russian Kettlebell Training.

(Click Here for a list of all upcoming HKC’s)
HKC Certification

I would like to provide anyone who is interested in getting their HKC (or RKC for that matter) some important points to your upcoming certification.

  • The RKC/HKC method of certification is not just a show up to the certification, and walk out with a certificate.  YOU MUST EARN IT!  This is why I suggest that everyone train with an Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor before attending the event.
    • This way you already have an understanding of the movement patterns needed to perform the kettlebell swing, turkish get up and goblet squat correctly.  Then you can practice at home or continue with your RKC until the day of the certification.  This will mean then you can fine tune your skills instead of having to begin from scratch.
    • There is about a 33% fail rate per certification, I believe this is due to individuals who felt they could pass just by showing up or by training on their own.
    • If you are in the Omaha/Council Bluffs and surrounding areas you are welcome to join our bootcamp to help you train plus we will be having some HKC prep sessions on Saturdays beginning 8 weeks before HKC.  For more information, email us at
  • You have to be able to show the Master/Senior Instructor that you can TEACH as well as perform the required movements.  This includes being able to use the techniques shown that day to help your clients understand and perform the movements safely and correctly.  In the prep sessions we will cover and practice finer points of instruction.
  • For more details about the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification and its requirements CLICK HERE.

Enter the Kettlebell Workshop

David Whitley, MRKC "The Iron Tamer"

On Sunday, August 8th from 10am to 2pm, David Whitley will teach the remainder of the “ETK” essential kettlebell exercises.  Sign Up Here for the workshop.  HKC Attendees recieve a $100 discount if they sign up before the day of the event.

Following exercises will be covered:
• Clean (Single & Double)
• Snatch
• Clean and Press (Single & Double)
• Clean and Squat (Single & Double)
• Turkish Get Up Variations
• Swing Variations