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Now is the time of year that everyone has BIG goals in mind.  And rightfully so, you should!  A new year is among us and we make resolutions and goals.  Many have the goal of obtaining and health and fitness goal(s) such as fat loss, improving strength or setting new heights within their sports or activities.

Many of these individuals set out to set a new standard of the way they train.  They set a goal and a date to reach that goal (which is very important by the way), they get a plan of action (secondly important) and they have the passion to complete the goal.

Only one thing may be missing from you achieving that ever so important goal.  How WELL do you move?  Establishing a baseline for movement is very important and is becoming the new standard for training.  You see, over time our bodies can and will develop imbalances by the way we live our lives.  That could be due to working at a desk 8 hours per day, playing a particular sport or even from a previous injury.

The problem is that alot of people feel that you need to move more to achieve your health and fitness goals.  But as a matter of fact, this may create more of a problem.  Think of it this way.  You buy a brand new BMW roadster the only problem is that you purchased the car from another person and the frame is out of alignment.  What should you do first?  Drive that car all out with the pedal to the metal?  No, because you know that would do more harm than good.  You take it to a licensed mechanic who can get the car back into proper alignment.  THEN you can take it out and drive it the way you want to.

The same should be said for our bodies.  Imbalances and asymmetries can prevent us from getting the workout that we want.  Better movement, better workout, more productivity towards your fitness goal.

This is why all our clients get a Functional Movement Screen included in their free trial.  This helps us to understand how to train them better.  If you are interested in getting a FREE functional movement screen at no charge contact us here at  To find out more about the Functional Movement Screen you can check out their website and you can also find information about it on our website.

In the following weeks we will be posting exercises and videos that helps us get a terrific workout and maintain or achieve all our movement quality.

I remember the very first time I was introduced with peoples obsession to running. I was training a new mother who wanted to work off some of her baby weight and also to get stronger due to some previous injuries/surgeries. We were using FMS corrective exercise as well as kettlebell training under the Russian Kettlebell Challenge method. She loved the program and the benefits that it was giving her and she was progressing very nicely in strength, plus Turkish Getups and swings did not bother her knees. But at the end of one session she stated: “I just have to get back into running” when I asked why she said, “cause I want to lose some weight”. (hint to the sarcastic look on my face now. She had already dropped nine pounds in the past three weeks with no running whatsoever)

I explained to her that if she did not like running then there was no need to, she was getting all of the needed calorie burning benefits in our workouts and actually in half the time. She had some trouble believing me. I thought to myself, why are so many people hell bent on running to lose weight? And why do they feel that it is the best way to lose weight?

At some point and time our society is obsessed with running to lose weight. The funny thing is most people HATE RUNNING! I am not to say that I am above everyone else, I learned the hard way. I was talked into training for a half marathon, so off I went on a 16 week training program that started very slowly and gradually moved up my mileage. I went to a running store and bought a nice expensive pair of shoes that were made for my body type. Everything actually was going pretty well and I was starting to lose some weight along the way until one day my knee started snapping. I decided to ignore it and kept running, by the end of the workout my knee was in a lot of pain. I ended up having to take 3 weeks off of running and doing rehabilitation, getting ultrasounds, and taping my knee. I showed up to my 1/2 marathon at about the same weight I started at and was taped and braced to that knee. The race went fine until mile 10 when that unhappy snapping came back. I finished the race but was in alot of pain. I vowed never to train for that long of a run again. It got to the point that I hated running.

The problem with our culture that I am beginning to understand is how we exercise or in fact how we try to make exercise easier. Running has become a non-engaged exercise to us. We find ways to take our mind off of what we are doing (due to the fact that we feel we need to be on a treadmill for 60 minutes or need to run ten miles per day). Hence the TV’s in front of the treadmills, stairmasters, and ellipticals. We began not paying attention to what we are doing and how well we are doing it (with excellent form, or poor form thus the increased risk for injury).

So if you run because you love to let me give you some points to think about that may help you enjoy running and also stay out of the doctors office and physical therapy.

Science is pointing to the fact that our shoes and the way we run (heel strike) is doing alot of harm to our bodies and in all likelyhood our shoes may be one of the reasons Americans suffer from so many running related injuries.

Video on the effects of heelstrike running to forefoot running and barefoot running.

As you can see, a way to make running a more engaged activity is to run barefoot. This all came about by a gentleman named Chris McDougall, author of BORN TO RUN. The videos below explain the process of barefoot running and about the book itself and tells it way more than I can write.

Interview with Chris McDougall by the New York Times

Other ways to get better effects of running:

  • performing sprints or intervals.
    • 2 minutes slow and steady pace (4 or 5 on exertion scale, concentrate on being light and springy like a coil), then 1 minute at a pace of 7 or 8 out of 10 on the exertion scale.
    • This can give you the same results as a 10k but in half the time.
  • do something other than running.
    • Strength training is vital for the runner to stay healthy.
    • I am biased but I love Kettlebell training for the strength and cardio component that it provides at the same time.
    • the American Council on Exercise (ACE put the money where my mouth is) performed a study on the effects of kettlebell training towards fat loss. After all that was said and done, they determined that the kettlebell snatch can burn up to 20 CALORIES PER MINUTE!
    • Basically if you want to get the same type of calorie burn on a treadmill you would have to run for the same amount of time at a 6 minute mile pace! That is booking by the way! The next closest thing to the kettlebell snatch in terms of calorie burn was circuit training which came to 9 calories per minute.
  • Participate in ENGAGED activity exercise
    • There are plenty of easy ways to perform ENGAGED activities that will help with your running
      • Jumping rope is a very self limiting exercise plus it works on the footwork needed to run correctly.  Personally I would take intervals of jumping rope instead of running on a treadmill on a rainy day
      • Trail running.  I had a patient in physical therapy that stated “I always have pain when I run on a treadmill or on concrete, but when I trail run I can run forever and am pain free”.  This is precisely my point!  She made trail running an ENGAGED activity because she was watching out for rocks, tree branches, working with hills and slopes and paying attention to her exercise.
      • 15 minutes of good Turkish Getups may be all you need for strength training to help keep you healthy and strong!
        • The get up with a kettlebell is an engaged activity with makes you use dynamic mobility and stability to perform an exercise that challenges all planes of movement, kind of like running don’t you think?
      • If you have any more ideas on types of engaged exercise, please post them in the comments below!
  • attend a running clinic
    • learn how to run correctly!  Learn from the best!
  • get a functional movement screen before starting a workout regimen
    • learn how well you move and if you have any imbalances that may lead you to an injury during your training
So if you run, do it because you LOVE it and how it makes you feel, not because you feel obligated to do it.  If you are too out of shape to run, recovering from a previous injury/surgery, or just flat out hate running then I suggest you get involved with an ENGAGED type of activity.  I have worked with individuals who have had total knee and hip replacements who are instructed NEVER to run again, but they can perform kettlebell swings and turkish get ups like no other and love the way it makes them feel.  I do suggest that you look into a Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor to learn how to perform the movement correctly since they are an engaged activity and technique is a must.

This is the time of year when everyone should make some type of New Years Resolution.  It is good to see that people want to make a change in their lives one way or another. 

Nikki and I took that same commitment almost a year ago in 2009.  We made the promise to workout on a regular basis and improve our diets.  We got our support system in place to keep each other accountable for our fitness and diet regimen. 

12 weeks later I went from 205 lbs to 186.  My health improved as well as my energy and confidence.  Compliments on our figure came from friends and family.  My staff photo at work looked nothing like me.  So how were we able to be so successful?  I will show you what worked for us. 

  1. We made the commitment where we had no choice but to succeed.
    • We made a financial commitment towards our bootcamp.  We signed up for 4 months.  Many think that you probably don’t have the money for it, but more than likely you do.  We had to make some changes here and there, but with the money paid out we had no choice but to show up to workout since we had already paid the money
      • come to think of it, if you don’t want to make a financial commitment, then how much worth is it to you in the first place?
      • We were so happy with the results we received, we kept paying to attend bootcamp to maintain the shape we were in
  2. We benefited by working within a system
    • First of all, we joined a bootcamp.  This allowed us to get a workout in but not have to pay for personal training.  Yes it was more than just a regular gym membership, but it was less than hiring a personal trainer. 
      • Not only did we join a bootcamp, but we were fortunate enough to be worked out by a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor.  What is the difference between an RKC and other personal trainers and bootcamp coaches?  The RKC understands movement.  Technique is a must in the RKC.  What does this mean?  Better results, less chance for injury.   In the RKC, the kettlebell is only a tool they use for facilitating proper movement during the workout
    • Second of all, we got on a proven diet plan.  We chose the Precision Nutrition system by Dr. John Berardi.  Basically his plan was easy to follow and we kept each other accountable to making sure we kept track of our calories on a daily food planner.  (I suggest or  The planner can be a pain at first but if you take 5 minutes per day to put the food in it really helps you to figure out what works best for you.
  3. We put a support system in place
    • We were fortunate enough to have each other to keep us accountable to our resolution.  There were times where one of us wanted to go get a pizza or sleep in instead of working out, but the great news is that the other person usually did not feel that way.  That was a great way to keep both of us committed.
    • Also, another bonus of being in a bootcamp is you have a group of people after the same goals as you.  The support system is there and in place.  We got to the point that we looked forward to seeing everyone in class (kind of a fitness happy hour sort of speaking) and we got grilled by people on facebook if we missed a class.

There you have it.  Make a commitment, get a system in place, and have a support staff.  If you get all three of these things in place you have improved your chances to be successful. 

Here at Nebraska Kettlebell you can try out our bootcamp for a low cost of $25 dollars.  This cost includes a kettlebell orientation, a functional movement screen, and 2 weeks of bootcamp.

Also Nikki and I have decided to jump start people’s New Years Resolutions by having our NEW YEARS SPECIAL.  If you sign up and make the commitment you will get the month of January for FREE, and the next three months for only $99.  Sign up for an orientation at our sign up page.   This special not only includes a functional movement screen and 3 workouts per week, but it includes a workbook to help get your nutrition on track and workouts and exercises you can perform at home to help keep you in balance and succeed. 

Here is to a wonderful 2010!

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