Training Log

RKC Level 2 Training Log

Week of 1/22/12-

Monday 1/23

Had 6 workouts last week so I was feeling a little run out.  Decided that it was time to get a quick workout in.

Foam Roller, Rib Pull, Modified Rib Pull, KS2 with 24kg to arm bar L/R

5 minute snatch test 24kg – 100 reps

Very pleased that I was able to complete the snatch test even though I have not done one for 4 months and really have not done a lot of swing volume overall.

Sunday 1/22

Foam Roller, Rib Pull, Mod Brettzel and KS2 to arm bar with 20kg

Did the following:

  • Bent press 36kg, 40kg, 40kg
  • Pistol: 14kg 1/1, 14kg 1/1, B 12kg x5
  • Pullup : BW, 18#, 10kg, 12kg
  • SASW 4/4: 36kg all 4 rounds

Did a strict 40 kg press to see where I am at with my press.  Doing pretty good.

Wanted to work to 12kg pistols today but today was just not the day.

Week of 1/15/12 – 1/21/12

Thursday 1/19/12

Foam Roller, Rib Pull, Mod Brettzel, KS2 to arm bar with 24kg

RKC Level 1 Prep Day (all double 24kg)

  • DBL swing 2×10
  • DBL clean 2×5
  • DBL squat 2×5
  • DBL press 2×5
  • TRX rollout 1×5

Snatch training: 10 minutes

  • 24kg snatch 3/3 (warm up)
  • Alt between 32kg and 28kg snatch (3/3) for 3 rounds

Feeling pretty good today.

Wednesday 1/18/12

Foam Roller, Rib Pull, Modified Brettzel, KS2 to Arm Bar 20kg

Performed the following in order:

  • 24kg tgu 1/1
  • 2ASW 24kg x 20
  • Goblet SQT 24kg x 5
  • 40kg TGU 1/1
  • Goblet SQT x 5
  • 2ASW 24kg x15
  • 28kg TGU 1/1
  • Goblet SQT 24kg x 5
  • 2ASW 24kg x10
  • 36kg TGU 1/1
  • Goblet SQT 24kg x5
  • 2ASW 24kg x15
  • 32kg TGU 1/1

40kg was pretty challenging today.  Need to work on TGU’s 2x/week to work myself back up to the 48kg 1/1

Tuesday 1/17/12

Weighed in at 209 lbs today.  Very pleased!

Foam roller, LAX ball to ant chest and R deltoid (had massage day before and this seems to be the cause of the elbow issue in a sense). Modified Rib Pull, Ankle Mobility, KS2 to arm bar 20kg

Clean and Jerk DBL x5: 20kg, 24kg, 24kg, 24kg, 24kg

1 round of TRX rollouts x5

Monday 1/16/12

Foam roller, RP, Mod Brettzel

KS2 BU 14kg

Arm bar 14kg

Following circuit:

  • Bent Press 1/1: 36kg, 40kg, 36kg, 40kg
  • SASW x3/3: 36kg all 4 rounds
  • Pull up x 1: BW, 12kg, BW, BW (emphasis on finish)
  • Pistol x 1/1: 14kg all 4 rounds

Pistols really coming along nicely.  Going to try and alternate between 12kg and 14kg pistols next time.

Sunday 1/15/12

Foam Roller, Rib Pull, Modified Brettzel, KS2 2okg

TGU 1/1 with 24kg

Overhead walk with double 20kg 15 steps

Had RKC Level II Instructor, Molly Bird, take a look at my Clean and Jerk today.  Provided some much helped adjustments to my technique which included shortening my stance up a bit.

C & J x5: 20kg, 24kg, 24kg, 24kg

Stopped after this, felt like I was no longer learning.  C&J best it has ever felt though.  Going to work new training progression.  2 days of bent press, pistol, pullup, SASW: 2 days C&J practice, 1 day of Level 1 practice.

Week of 1/8/12-1/14/12

Thursday 1/12/12

Foam Roller, Rib Pull and Modified Brettzel

KS2 to arm bar with 20kg

Following workout:

  • Bent Press 1/1: 36kg all 3 rounds
  • SASW 8/8: 32 kg for 2 rounds
  • TRX Low Row, x5, x5
  • TRX Rollout, x5, x5
  • Pistol 1/1: 14kg, 14kg

Headache came back once again.

Cool down with mod brettzel

Wednesday 1/11/12

Headache this am today.  Waited till afternoon to workout.

Foam Roller, Rib Pull, Mod Rib Pull, KS 20kg

TGU to windmill 20kg 1/1

Following progression:

  • Bent Press 1/1: 32kg, 36kg
  • Pistol: 1/1 14kg, B x3 14kg
  • TRX Low Row x5 each round
  • TRX Rollout x5 each round
  • 1ASW 5/5 32kg each round

Headache came back after 2 rounds so stopped it there.

Tuesday 1/10/12

R elbow a bit sore today.  Gonna back off a bit

4 rounds of the following:

  • Indian Clubs Single Arm in tall kneeling position 10/10
  • Jump rope x 40
  • 24kg 2ASW x20
  • Goblet squat 24kg x5

Monday 1/9/12

Foam Roller, Ankle mobility drill, Modified Brettzel, KS2 to arm bar w/20kg

Performed the following (each exercise performed in succession then moved to next round):

  • Windmill 3/3: 24kg, 28kg, 32kg
  • Pistol Progression Practice (both knees together up and down) x5: 12kg all 3 rounds
  • TRX low row x5 all 3 rounds
  • TRX ab rollout x5 last 2 rounds (wow!)

Week of 1/1/12-1/7/12

Happy New Year!  As of the new year I am having a bit of an elbow aching issue that I want to address so I am going to back off the training and work back into the groove again.

Thursday 1/5/12

Foam roller, rib pull L/R, and mod rib pull L/R

Ks2 right into arm bar with 16kg L/R

Following in order:

  • TGU 1/1 w/16kg
  • Goblet squat to arm curl 16kg x5
  • TGU 1/1 w/20kg
  • Goblet Squat with 20kg x 5
  • TGU 1/1 w/24kg
  • Goblet Squat w/24kg x5

Performed partner 2 arm swings with 24kg, 10/15/20 reps x 2 rounds

Wednesday 1/4/12

Rib Pull, Modified Rib Pull

Kalos Sthenos 2 with 12kg right into arm bar L/R

4 sets of the following:

  • 50 jump ropes
  • 5 power swings with 24kg

Finished with another round of KS2 to arm bar and modified rib pull

Sunday 1/1 to Tues 1/3 – Off

Week of 12/25/11 – 12/31/11

Had a good week last week with training and nutrition.   Going to use that as a spring board this week.  Planned out my days so Christmas day was my cheat day on Neupert’s Nutrition Program.  Fast day was Monday which went pretty well since I ate so much the day before.

Thursday 12/29/11

Feeling pretty good today.  Got a TON of reading and planning in for upcoming projects, PLUS got to read my newest reading addition of EASY STRENGTH.  I tell you that book is liquid gold.

Workout today (afternoon)

  • Foam Roller lower extremity
  • Rib Pulls
  • Modified Brettzel
  • Kalos Sthenos 2 work with 16kg right into kb arm bar 1/1
  • Workout Routine (perform all exercises in order before repeating)
    • KB Bent Press 1/1, 36kg, 36kg, 40kg
    • 1ASW 32kg- 5/5, 8/8, 8/8
    • Pullup x1 – 18lb, 18lb, 18lb
    • Pistol 14kg – 1/1, 1/1, 1/1
  • Cool down with a little more modified brettzel

Very pleased with the workout.  Pullups are clearing much better than before (so happy I started back over from scratch).  Bent Press with 40kg is not fluid enough for my patterning bent press kb but still got it up fairly easy.  Pistols are going very well.  Not panicking at the bottom if i get a bit wobbly and able to go close to rock bottom with minimal issues.  New goal of working to the 12kg instead of going up, feel there may be more carry over if I work towards a bodyweight pistol rather than increase the load.

Wednesday 12/28/11

Wanted to work today on some 2 arm swings and if i was feeling up to it some clean and jerks.  R elbow a bit sore today so not going to do anything stupid.


  • Foam Roller to lower extremity
  • Rib Pulls
  • Modified Brettzel Stretch
  • Arm bar L/R
  • 2ASW with 24kg x 20 reps (varied intensity)- 10 rounds


Elbow feeling great this afternoon and still have a plenty left in the tank

  • 2ASW with 24kg x 20 reps for 4 rounds
  • 2ASW with triple extension (See EASY STRENGTH) x10 (3 rounds)
  • DBL Clean and Jerk with 24kg x5 (still need to work on movement of plantar flexion then proper catch)
  • 2ASW with 20kg working on Triple Ext x 10
  • DBL C&J with 20kg x5 (better patterning kbs for right now) x2 rounds
  • Modified Brettzel L/R

Tuesday 12/27/11

Feeling pretty good today.  Small workout today but effective.

  • Foam Roller to lower extremity
  • Rib Pull and Modified Rib Pulls
  • KS2 work with 16kg kb
  • Crawling
    • Forwards (railroad track distance)
    • Backwards (railroad)
    • Forwards (tightrope)
    • Sideways
    • Squares
  • Finished with some hip opening stand ups I learned at CK-FMS from Clifton Harski with MOVNAT.

Workout only took about 10 minutes but was winded and feel more connected after.

Monday 12/26/11

  • Foam Roller to Lower Extremity
  • Rib Pulls (Much better) and Modified Rib Pulls (ready to do modified brettzel)
  • Kalos Sthenos 2 work with BU 14kg
  • Performed 3 rounds of the following circuit
    • Bent Press 1/1 with 36kg
    • Pistol 1/1 with 14kg
    • Pull up (1st-BW, 2nd-10lb kb, 3rd-14lb kb)
  • Finished with SASW’s on the minute for 8 minutes
    • 24kg 10/10 first 7 rounds
    • 24kg 8/8 last round

Really pleased with the workout.  Getting the finer points worked on with the BP with a heavier weight then I would usually pattern with.  First time I have ever been able to pistol for 3 sets without issues.

Week of 12/18/11 – 12/24/11

Sorry I have not updated this in quite some time.  Going to be more efficient with it as I feel it provides a good example of my progression, plus it keeps me accountable for my training.

Thursday 12/22

Neck and ankles feel good today.  Back off day was a good idea.  Weighed in at 212 lbs today, that is 5 pounds down from 10 days ago.  Really happy that when I wasn’t getting good results that I went back and checked my food journal and also reread Geoff Neuperts Nutrition plan to see what I was doing incorrectly.  Minor changes have made a huge difference.

Decided to pool my workout into a full workout today instead of 10 minute workouts due to today’s schedule.  Only rules I have with my longer workout is to make sure that.

  • I make sure that I continue to learn and thrive in the workout.  Once I am no longer learning, I am done.


  • Foam Roller to hips
  • Rib pulls and modified rib pulls
  • Kalos Sthenos 2 w/14kg right into arm bar work L/R
  • Workout below did one set of each exercise and repeated for 4 rounds
    • Bent Press 36kg 1/1
    • Single Arm Swing 36kg 6/6
    • Pistol Progression (both legs together both down and up) w/14kg x5
    • Pull ups x1 (18lb on foot, BW, BW, 18lb)

Really pleased with the learning going on with the bent press.  Working on the bottom wedge arm and proper position of stacking the shoulder blades.  Noticed on the 14kg pistols and my toes were coming up.  So I concentrated on gripping the ground and breathing to make it more like a true technique for the pistol.  With the pullup I felt I wasn’t finishing very well so I went bodyweight (BW) the 2nd and 3rd set and tried to visualize the pullup with a 24kg on my foot.  Then finished 4th set with 18lb and felt better.

Wednesday 12/21

Performed 10 minute workouts throughout the day.  Goal today was to work on the C&J.  Neck a bit sore from Level I training yesterday for some reason.  Need to trouble shoot here.  Ankles a bit tight today.

Workout 1-Theracane trigger work to traps.  Big Help!  Foam Roller to hip flexors and calves.  Kalo Sthenos 2 work with bottoms up 12kg (5 neck rotations, 5 ankle circles each side, 5 shoulder and hip IR/ER).  Time was up so I went back to work for 30 minutes.

Workout 2– Rib Pulls regular and modified (thoracic rotation pretty good today).

DBL 20kg Clean and Jerks x5 (videoed to see how form looks).  Need to keep from chicken necking on clean also head position and take off can improve.

2 rounds DBL 24kg Clean and Jerks x5.  Same issues as before even though I reviewed film.

Neck was pretty stiff post this workout so I decided my body is trying to tell me something.  Decided to ditch the C&J day and to get myself moving better.

Workout 3 – Theracane to trap and trigger work to scalenes (big help again).

Kalos Sthenos work with 12 kg at elbow

Indian Clubs 10/10 slow and steady motion

Repeated this process but with KS work I went one step further (2nd-hand, 3rd-1/2 kneel windmill) and followed with indian clubs.  Neck and shoulders felt pretty good post this workout.

Tuesday 12/20/11

Had a great Level 2 workout yesterday so I decided to work on Level 1 today with the basics.  Little short on time.

Foam roller and rib pull progression for warm up

2 rounds of DBL 24kgs

Swings x10

Cleans x 5

Squats x 5

Presses x 5

Next time I do this workout I will add TGU’s 1/1 with 24kg in the beginning and end with some snatch practice.

Monday 12/19/11

Feel pretty good today.  Level 2 prep.  Warmed up with Foam Roller to Rib Pull and Mod RP.

Did Kalos Sthenos 2 work with 24kg and went directly into arm bar with 24kg.  Great feedback!

1st 10 min workout –

Bent Press 32kg 1/1

1ASW 32kg 5/5

Pistol Progression work 14kg down both and up both x5 (easy!)

Pull up x1 18lb KB on foot.

Time ran out so back to work.  Set timer for 30 minutes.

2nd workout –

Bent Press (1st rd) 32kg 1/1, (2nd) 36kg 1/1, (3) 36kg 1/1  (working on proper bottom arm position here)

1ASW 32kg 5/5 every round

Pistol Progression work 14kg (back to basics here) down with both legs knees pushed together, stick one leg out at bottom, bring back and then out of pistol squat with both legs (1st & 2nd round), (3rd) down both and up both x5

Pull up x1 (1st-18#, 2nd-14#, 3rd-BW)

Performed exercises in one after the other (ABCD) then repeated for 3 rounds.  36kg giving much better feedback today over 32kg.  Going to switch today to this as my regular patterning kb for BP.

3rd workout later in the day

Swings on the minute 24kg

Rounds 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 all 10/10

Rounds 8,9,10 8/8 (decided not to get cute here so went down on reps)

Sunday 12/18

Fun workout day today.  Did deck of cards workout Level 2 style.  Nikki and I took 2 decks of cards and just drew card by card.  numbers gave reps, suits gave type of exercise.

Warmed up with foam roller, rib pulls, rib pulls modified, and Kalos Sthenos 2 work with 16kg.

Hearts = Clean and Jerk

Diamonds = Snatch

Spades = Viking Push Press

Clubs = Swings

Jacks = sledgehammer slams to tire 10/10

Queens= Pistol progression

Kings = windmills

Ace= Goblet Squat

Worked out for 30 minutes at my own progression.  Was a fun workout for a Sunday.

11/8/11 – Level II Training Day

Decided in my goals that I just revisited that I am going to work every day on doing some type of moblility work, pistol work, some type of pressing, and some type of pull up work.  So here is what I did today.

  • Foam Roller and Lacrosse ball to lower extremity.  (R calf and R hip mostly)
  • Rib Pulls with foam roller
  • Brettzel progression taught by Jeff O’Connor
  • Dynami mobility work for ankle and hips
  • Pull Up isometrics at my sticking point (from throat to collar bone) x3
  • Goblet Squat with 16kg (mobility work mostly)
  • Bent Press 40kg with slow negative down 1/1
  • 10 Power Swings with 18lb kb
  • Revisited Brettzel Progression
  • Same Pull Up Isom x2
  • Pistol Work down both legs squeezed together and up with one leg today 2/2
  • Bent Press 32kg 1/1 grease the groove
  • Battling Rope x100

Was planning on more swings today but the body was just plain telling me no, so I didn’t.  Weighed in at 215 lbs today and am looking forward to seeing how the body fat melts during the next 6 months.

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