Services that are offered by Mark Snow and SG Human Performance:

  • Bootcamps/Group Classes– we hold classes every day of the week. We run strength specific days and metabolic days.  This type of program has been proven to drop the most fat in the least amount of time!!  We incorporate your results from the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to help you achieve your goals! Classes use bootcamps, TRXs, battling ropes, body weight, etc.  NO Machines here!!  Click here to learn more!
  • Small Group Training (2-4 people) or 1 on 1 sessions– same as above but for people that can’t make it to class or like the smaller group atmosphere, or have very specific goals.  Also, great for people who are post rehab or dealing with previous injuries that may not be able to be in class. With my sports medicine background as well as Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and FMS certifications, I am able to work on a very specific and detailed program to help determine the causes of your pain or injuries and get you to moving and feeling better.  Click here to learn more!
  • RKC/HKC prep– trying to take your training to the next level and/or want to teach?! Come to us to make sure your skills are in line and you are ready to go and pass these certifications! We have trained dozens for these intense kettlebell certifications.   We have had a 100% success rate in our clients passing, so we make sure down to every last detail that you are fully ready and prepared to pass the HKC or RKC.  Contact us at for more info.
  • Skype training/monthly programming– live out of state, but like what we do? We have developed a Skype training package that includes 1 Skype session a month, 1 month of full programming, weekly phone calls and emails and continuous support.  With my background, people have to come to me to help them clean up any old injuries or asymmetries to take their training to the next level.  We fully utilize the FMS system in our programming and training.
  • Team Training- getting your team ready for the upcoming season? We can do FMS training to assist in keeping your players injury free throughout the season as well as do strength and conditioning work through the use of kettlebells, TRXs and battling ropes.  Contact us at for more details.
  • Workshops– have a group of people that want to learn the proper way to do kettlebells? Let us come in for 3-4 hour workshop to get your group started so they can learn the proper technique to be able to workout on their own.  We do beginners as well as advanced kettlebell workshops.  Contact us at for more info.
  • Speaking Engagements- I am available to come and speak to your group or organization on a wide variety of health and fitness topics. Items I have presented on in the past are nutrition, FMS and SFMA and Use of Kettlebells in Rehab. Contact us at to learn more.

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